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AP Alley


Nakashio-koji alley, just out the main gate and to the right, was more popularly known as "AP Alley" and was considered hallowed ground by most GI's up until such time as the US dollar lost value against the Japanese yen, sometime in the late 1970's.

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Roll Calls


Roll Calls were a USAFSS ritual in Misawa dating from the mid-1950's and 1st Radio days. Typically, following the final mid shift, trick workers would gather in AP Alley to drink breakfast. The logic was to drink the entire day, collapse that night, sleep hard, and awake refreshed for the first day watch. And, it worked!!

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State Side Snack Bar


The State Side Snack Bar, Bldg. S-300, just a block outside the main gate at the intersection of the main drag, often served as a rendezvous point, a last stop to grab an order of fried chicken before curfew, where you expected that pretty bar girl to meet you and take you home, or just a place for a great cheeseburger and cup of coffee.

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Misawa AB Main Gate


Throughout the years, we all passed through this portal hundreds of times, and often never gave it a second thought. But, it's a point of reference that we all know and remember. Here is a collection of photos spanning over 50 years showing the evolution of the main gate to Misawa AB

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Bong Theater


The Bong Theater on main base was a good place to spend some time or maybe kill a night just before payday when nobody had any MPC or yen to spare. Of course, you weren't allowed to take in combat jugs of Akadama or roll the empties under the seats towards the screen, but the movies were cheap and fairly current.

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Ogawara Fisherman


The Hill (aka 1st Radio) was separated from main base by a causeway connecting little Lake Anenuma to the much larger Lake Ogawara. The road from main base to The Hill crossed a causeway past an old fisherman's hut that was there since before 1st Radio. It remains there today, although it has been rebuilt at least twice (once between 1965 and 1971). Surely, anyone who has been to The Hill will remember this homestead from their time.

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The Hill


During the USAFSS years, the Hill - aka 1st Radio - was more than just a place to work. It was our home. We worked there, ate there, showered there, often played there, and sometimes even slept there. This album provides glimpses of the Hill from the 1950's on up through some photos taken well after the year 2000.

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By 1964, the AN/FLR-9 antenna - aka the "Elephant Cage"- was gathering SIGINT, and became the most notable landmark on the Hill. With its 260-meter diameter, the huge array was constructed between July 1963 and March 1965 and, until recently. remained as one of only two in operation on the planet.

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Static Club


The original Static Club was in Bldg. S-1593, was apparently opened early 1959, and was located across the street from Dorm 1, just beyond the little BX where the Blue Goose (base shuttle bus) made its turn-around.

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Static Club 2


Sometime during the late 1960's, the Static Club (Bldg. S-1593) relocated to what had formerly been the 6921st mess hall (Bldg. S-1566) - hence the term, "Static Club 2". The new location was considerably larger than the older building.

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1966 Misawa Fire


It started about 1420 hours on 11 Jan 1966 and consumed a 20-square block area of Misawa, destroying 375 business & housing structures in a 7-hour ordeal. 30-mph winds hindered the combined efforts of Japanese and AF personnel to control the fire. When it was over, much of AP Alley was gone!

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1968 Earthquake


The 1968 Tokachi-oki Earthquake, Japan's largest and most powerful of the decade, struck Misawa on the morning of May 16th. At a magnitude of 7.9, it left wide-spread destruction, fire, and a civilian casualty count of nearly fifty in its wake.

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2007 Reunion
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5th National Reunion
Baltimore, MD

June 21-24, 2007

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They came - they saw - they conquered! Organized and led by Lydia Crooks, Team Tohoku took on the project of engineering our Fifth Annual National Reunion this year and performed flawlessly. Those nearly 200 attendees will remember it as a well-planned, well-executed spectacular that took the bar to a whole new level. Our sincerest thanks to all of you who contributed toward making our visit to Baltimore a time we'll long remember fondly.

As with previous reunions, we met with friends - some old, some new - celebrating our common bond of past contributions to The Mission. If you were fortunate enough to have been part of it, we appreciate your presence and your having participated in this memorable event. If you weren't able to make it, we sincerely hope you'll be able to join us in future years, where ever we may meet.

We consider the Baltimore Reunion a stunning success, and we'll let the folowing photos validate that statement.

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2006 Reunion
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Colorado Springs


4th National Reunion
Colorado Springs, CO

June 22-25, 2006

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The Misawans travelled back across the Mississippi to visit Colorado Springs, site of the 2006 National Reunion. Colorado Springs not only made it much easier for those who lived west of the Mississippi to attend one of our reunions, it offered many interesting attractions for those who had never been there.

The offer to host this year's reunion in Colorado Springs was actually made by a member who moved out of town before the reunion, but Danny Russell stepped up to the plate and offered to make it happen. And, what a great job he did. With a little help from his friends, he put together an outstanding affair that will be long remembered by its attendees.

One of the major highlights of our visit to Colorado Springs was a tour of Cheyenne Mountain, home of the NORAD Command Center. Each attendee had to be documented and cleared by NORAD ahead of time to be admitted into the highly secure area. Don't expect to see any photos here of what we saw there - there were no cameras allowed.

As was the case in Chattanooga in 2005, we experienced another strong turnout from the family unit this year - spouses, children and grandchildren. We definitely consider this a favorable trend and will continue to nurture it.

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2005 Reunion
1 105


3rd National Reunion
Chattanooga, Tennessee

June 2-5, 2005

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The Misawans are on the move. We launched our first national reunion in Biloxi, MS in 2003, then crossed the Mississippi and went beyond the Rockies the following year, all the way to Las Vegas, NV.

It was during the Las Vegas Reunion that Chief Wayne Babb addressed the attendees with a proposal to convene the following year in his home town of Chattanooga, TN for our 3rd reunion, and even offered to ramrod the entire affair! It was an offer we just couldn't refuse. Wayne enlisted wife Fran to help make it happen, and the two of them together delivered results beyond anyone's expectations.

Chatanooga is a town large enough to accommodate most anyone's wants and needs, but not so large as to be cold or unfriendly. Southern hospitality is indeed alive and well here. The town is loaded with charm, has a rich history, and offers a plethora of interesting places to visit. Our home base was the well-known and architecturally exquisite Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel where our group was graciously received and treated royally.

Once again, reunion attendance increased over the previous year - this time, by about 40%. And this year, even more veterans elected to bring their partners and families to join in the activities. Our reunions have truly become family affairs.

One of the highlights of this year's reunion was staging our banquet aboard the Southern Belle Riverboat as it cruised the Tennessee River - a fascinating and memorable experience that was enjoyed and will long be remembered by all who attended. The food was excellent and the scenery was breathtaking.

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2004 Reunion
1 114
Las Vegas


2nd National Reunion
Las Vegas, Nevada

May 13-15, 2004

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In 2003, our first national reunion took place in Biloxi, Mississippi. For many of us, that was a "first blush" - our first time attending a military reunion. The experience taught us that reunions were something we wanted to continue. They provide us the opportunity to re-unite with old comrades, meet new friends, and recall the job we did and the times we experienced as young warriors.

This year, the reunion was to move west to provide easier access to those beyond the Mississippi. A crack team of three came together and volunteered to arrange for the event to take place in Las Vegas. They engineered the details perfectly and seamlessly.

Las Vegas brought face-to-face many who knew one another only through interaction on the Internet. And, there were those who were together again for the first time in years - some who had not seen one another in over three or even four decades! There were smiles and hugs and cheers and tears, but all were greatful their paths had crossed at least one more time.

The most notable difference between the Biloxi and the Las Vegas Reunions was the dramatic increase this year in the number of spouses who attended. Their presence significantly changed the dynamics of the reunion, and they seemed to recognize a common bond amongst themselves - that they belonged to this family that had served together in Misawa.

There's already a dialogue underway concerning the 2005 reunion. The current target appears to be Chattanooga, Tennessee, and many have already penciled late May/June in on their calendar. Wherever it happens, we'll be together again - this family that represents a mission spanning over 50 years.

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2003 Reunion
1 83


1st National Reunion
Biloxi, Mississippi

May 15-18, 2003

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We discussed it - we debated it - we planned it - we did it!

After literally months of working on the concept and hammering out countless details, it began to take shape and finally gelled into one of the most exciting gatherings of old comrades and new friends that any one of us could imagine.

USAFSS Veterans from all over the country punched holes in their schedules and came from near and far to a spot on the Gulf of Mexico to shake hands, share hugs, and remember those times we spent together so very long ago halfway around the world on the soil of a onetime mortal enemy - in Misawa, Japan.

We met old friends and made many new ones. Although most of us knew one another well from daily interaction on the Misawa website, many of us had never before met in person - until Biloxi. Finally meeting in person those whom you already knew so well was a strange and wonderous experience, but nonetheless satisfying and gratifying. Thanks to those who engineered the event, the Biloxi Reunion executed flawlessly.

We'll pause to savor the time we shared there - to remember and smile. But soon, we'll turn our attention toward the next reunion - the next opportunity to gather with those who now mean so much more to us - to gather with Family.

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