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The BX Bookshelf is a showcase of books found to be of interest to USAFSS veterans. In fact, a number of these books were authored by USAFSS Veterans. Some books are hardback, some paperback, still others are electronically downloadable or may be read online in PDF format (for more on PDF format, see Adobe® Reader® on our Software Recommendations Page).

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Click to enlarge jacketAlly to Adversary  
An Eyewitness Account
of Iraq

Rick Francona
1999-05-13, Nonfiction, 1557502811 
As the point man for the highly sensitive support the United States gave Iraq in 1987-1988, during its war with Iran, Lt. Colonel Francona walked the streets of Baghdad, toured military facilities, and established close relations with high-ranking Iraqis. Later, as General Norman Schwarzkopf`s personal interpreter, he shared in the successes, failures, and frustrations of political and military planning and prosecution during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. [186 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketThe Baltic Sea Incident:  
October, 1962

Delray K. Dvoracek
2001-09-18, Nonfiction, 1588512991 
During the Cuban Missile Crisis in October, 1962, the routine surveillance flight of an AF reconnaissance aircraft with 15 airmen on board encounters a disaster at sea. It`s a fast, compelling read and Mr. Dvoracek captures the tension of the Cold War, yet keeps this book fast paced and true to life. [257 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketBetween the Mountain and the Sky  

Raul A. Sandoval
2003-09-08, Fiction, 141340474X 
Alic enrolls in Russian studies at Syracuse University; Becomes expert at cat-and-mouse game of intelligence gathering; In Japan, Alic literally grows up and learns about life. [528 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketBody of Secrets  
Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret
National Security Agency

James Bamford
2002-04-30, Nonfiction, 0712623183 
The National Security Agency is the world’s most powerful, most far-reaching espionage. Body of Secrets takes us to the inner sanctum of America’s spy world where Banford reveals the NSA’s hidden role in the most volatile world events of the past, and its desperate scramble to meet the frightening challenges of today and tomorrow. [784 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketBurning Amber  

T.H. Smart
2009-07-27, Fiction, 1601459130 
During the Cold War, the U. S. conducted airborne communications reconnaissance flights near the Russian coastline. This book is a novel about one of those aircraft, which was brought down by Soviet fighters, with part of the crew being captured and interrogated, and then escaping. [336 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketBy Any Means Necessary  

William E. Burrows
2002-08-27, Nonfiction, 0452283590 
Brought to light are the people, missions, and politics behind a dark chapter in US history. Aircrews were sent into dangerous situations with limited or no support and, if they survived, they received very little recognition. Those who did not return were left to die, and families were lied to, covering up circumstances leading to their loss. [448 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketCold War in a Cold Place  

Jerry Hanks
2005-08-30, Nonfiction, 0741427079 
The 511th AC&W Group and the men who helped preserve the peace in a world on the brink of destruction - true life stories of the American troops who protected the skies of northern Japan while battling the endless snows of a frigid winter climate. [112 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketCommunications Instructions
Operating Signals  

ACP 131(F)

2009-04-00, Nonfiction, (n/a) 
An unclassified edition of the Q and Z Signals used in communications by the Armed Forces and our Allies over the years. The publication is divided into sections to decode Q and Z Signals, or to encode Q and Z Signals by application (Search and Rescue, Meteorology, Direction Finding, etc). [198 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketA Continuing Legacy:  
USAFSS - AIA 1948-2000

AIA History Office
2000-00-00, Nonfiction, (n/a) 
PDF format. 2000 edition of this document. This is the earliest edition of this document we have. SEE CURRENT EDITION BELOW. [56 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketA Continuing Legacy:  
From USAFSS to AF ISR Agency

AF ISR Agency History Office
2008-00-00, Nonfiction, (n/a) 
PDF format. 2008 - the 60th Anniversary Edition of this document. SEE CURRENT EDITION BELOW. [64 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketA Continuing Legacy:  
From USAFSS to AF ISR Agency

AF ISR Agency History Office
2009-00-00, Nonfiction, (n/a) 
PDF format. 2009 edition of this document. SEE CURRENT EDITION BELOW. [64 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketA Continuing Legacy:  
From USAFSS to AF ISR Agency

AF ISR Agency History Office
2010-09-00, Nonfiction, (n/a) 
PDF format. 2010 edition of this document. SEE CURRENT EDITION BELOW. [64 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketA Continuing Legacy:  
From USAFSS to AF ISR Agency

AF ISR Agency Hstory Office
2012-00-00, Nonfiction, (n/a) 
PDF format. A history of the AF ISR Agency and its predecessor organizations covering the period from 1948 through 2012. SEE CURRENT EDITION BELOW. [52 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketA Continuing Legacy:  
From USAFSS to AF ISR Agency

AF ISR Agency Hstory Office
2014-00-00, Nonfiction, (n/a) 
PDF format. A history of the AF ISR Agency and its predecessor organizations covering the period from 1948 to 2014. [64 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketThe Corona Project:  
America`s First Spy Satellites

Curtis Peebles
1997-10-00, Nonfiction, 1557506884 
It was the early 1960s - the US and USSR faced each other in nuclear standoff. Armed with little more than a few ideas and drawings of the payload, this team created America`s first reconnaissance satellite program - the Corona project - which for decades remained one of the nation`s most closely guarded secrets. [351 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketCritic Makers  
The Ironworks Incident

Bill Person
2004-01-13, Nonfiction, 1591097932 
Critic Makers is a story about real world happenings - the secretive world of communications intelligence during the Cold War - and it is a gripping tail. Unfortunately, only a relatively few airmen (self-included) have had the opportunity to serve within monitoring units like the one in which this story is set. [366 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketDark Eagles:  
A History of the
Top Secret U.S. Aircraft

Curtis Peebles
2003-02-25, Nonfiction, 0743458362 
A close look into the world of "Black Projects" aircraft like the U-2 spyplane and SR-71 Blackbird. Many played an important role in strategic reconnaissance throughout the Cold War and continue to do so to this day. Included are such notable aircraft as the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth fighter and the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, and their beginnings as black projects [368 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketThe EC-47 Experience  

James C. Wheeler
1999-00-00, Nonfiction, B0006R8UEK 
A history of the aircraft, it`s special elecrtonics equipment, it`s top secret mission, it`s people and it`s losses. The book tells what we did, how we did it and gives some results of our efforts. The mission in Southeast Asia lasted from mid 1966 to 15 May 1974 when the last mission landed. It contains personal memories, data from recently declassified documents and some 80 photographs. [240 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketEffects of the Magnetic North Pole  

Ralph McDonald
2004-03-30, Fiction, 1591134900 
This is the fictitious account of the men and women who served in USAFSS gathering signals intelligence for the little known and top secret National Security Agency. The story begins with sunrise over the Pacific Ocean and ends at sunset in the Barents Sea. [112 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketEisenhower`s Children:  
The Road to Misawa

George Welch
08/15/2011, Fiction, 1614344655 
Illustrated with nearly 50 pages of historical photographs and including over 450 historical and fictional characters, Eisenhower’s Children is not just a story of Misawa. It is a record of changing times and evolving nations since the end of the last Great War. [364 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketFreedom Through Vigilance
Volume 1  

Larry Tart
2010-10-11, Nonfiction, 0741460130 
The heretofore untold history of USAFSS. Volume 1 concentrates on USAFSS history in the continental U.S., provides an overview of successor organizations (ESC, AFIC, AIA and AFISRA), and concludes with a chapter on women in USAFSS. [565 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketFreedom Through Vigilance
Volume 2  

Larry Tart
2010-10-22, Nonfiction, 0741461153 
Volume 2 of this 4-volume series covers the history of USAFSS ground sites operating in Germany & Austria, the United Kingdom (England & Scotland), Italy, Greece, Libya, Turkey and Pakistan. [546 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketFreedom Through Vigilance
Volume 3  

Larry Tart
2010-11-05, Nonfiction, 0741461579 
Volume 3 covers USAFSS units in Alaska and the Far East (Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Okinawa, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand) and includes airborne units/ops (6988th SS, 6990th SS, 6994th SS, support to Rivet Top/Rivet Gym, etc.) during the Vietnam War. [608 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketThe Hidden Hand:  
Britain, America and
Cold War Secret Intelligence

Richard J. Aldrich
2006-08-17, Nonfiction, 0715636073 
After 1945, Western capitals were dominated by fear of a "Nuclear Pearl Harbor". World powers all sought new ways to play out their struggle, and turned to the secret services, who developed further the clandestine operations evolved in WW II. [735 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketHONTO!  
The Unofficial History of
USAFSS at Misawa, Japan

T. Wayne Babb
2009-05-14, Nonfiction, 1601458150 
Histories are usually boring, and histories of military units are especially so. But HONTO, The Unofficial History of USAFSS at Misawa, is anything but boring because it's not written by historians. Instead, it is written by the men and women who made the history. [704 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketIn the Vale  

John Hamm
2008-10-14, Fiction, 1604629053 
Set in the Cold War era, this exciting novel tells of a suddenly dead covert operator named Paul who faces his past while meeting his future in a place called the Vale, through which liberated souls pass on the way to heaven. Meeting important people from his life, some of whom were still living when he died, Paul revisits formative times and places in his spiritual and clandestine progress through the world. [296 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketInsomnia Mimatsu  

George Welch
2007-12-12, Fiction, 1601453884 
Set in Japan during the 1960s, Insomnia Mimatsu is a haunting story of young love, old regrets, simple patriotism and military espionage, which speaks as much to the secrets of the heart as to those of a nation. [272 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketIntelligence Failures
and Decent Intervals  

P.G. Kivett
2006-05-23, Nonfiction, 1420893548 
Intelligence Failures and Decent Intervals provides a look at the truth behind military and diplomatic blunders to which "intelligence failure labels" have been attached that are intended to hide leadership failures responsible for the blunders. [272 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketInvisible Hero  

Peter Hess (1939-2009)
2005-05-23, Fiction, 1591856639 
Invisible Hero has all the ingredients you expect in a modern, fast paced thriller: martial arts, a surprise guerrilla attack, the rescue of a beautiful woman, and a special mission into enemy territory. It sets the stage for the exciting “Gohan thriller series.” [304 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketMIG Pilot:  
The Final Escape of Lt. Belenko

John Barron
1983-10, Nonfiction, 0380538687 
In September 1976, Lt. Viktor Belenko defected from the Soviet airbase at Chuguyevka, Siberia, to a civilian airport in Hakodate, Japan. In doing so, he brought to the West the best fighter the Soviets had managed to produce up to that time: the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 Foxbat. Immediately after landing, he requested - and obtained - political asylum in the United States. [222 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketMisawa: A Song of the Machi  

George Welch
2010-02-22, Fiction, 1609101286 
Richly illustrated with over 80 pages of photos and interwoven with lengthy passages of military history as well as the sights and sounds of those long ago "Sixties", Misawa: A Song of the Machi will be a trip down memory lane for those who lived through that colorful and exciting decade. [320 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketNorth of Knoxville -
South of Atlanta:  

a Silent Warrior's Story

T. Wayne Babb
2005-02-28, Autobiography, 1591136628 
Partial autobiography by CMSgt. T. Wayne Babb, USAF, Retired, whose primary objective when he enters the Air Force is to see the world, drink whiskey, and chase women. [560 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketOne Minute to Midnight:  
Kennedy, Khrushchev, and
Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War

Michael Dobbs
2009-06-02, Nonfiction, 1400078911 
In October 1962, the US and USSR were poised on the brink of nuclear conflict over the placement of Soviet missiles in Cuba. Author Dobbs reveals just how very close we came to Armageddon with Khrushchev`s plan to destroy the naval base at Guantánamo, the handling of Soviet nuclear warheads on Cuba, and the U-2 spy plane lost over Russia at the peak of the crisis. [480 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketThe Price of Vigilance  
Attacks on American
Surveillance Flights

Larry Tart & Robert Keefe
2002-07-30, Nonfiction, 0345450701 
Account of airborne communications intelligence reconnaissance, with emphasis on the 1958 shootdown of an Air Force C-130 #60528 over Armenia killing 17 Americans. [608 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketThe Puzzle Palace:  
Inside the NSA, America`s Most
Secret Intelligence Organization

James Bamford
1983-09-29, Nonfiction, 0140067485 
Bamford exposes the inner workings of America`s largest, most secretive, and potentially most intrusive intelligence agency. The NSA has long eluded public scrutiny, but The Puzzle Palace penetrates its vast network of power and unmasks those who control it. [656 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketThe Ravenworks Sanction  

Bill Person
2004-07-01, Fiction, 1594574898 
Ravenworks Sanction is the story about highly secretive CIA black ops to use Korean pirates to steal Russian radars. It is a complex plot to keep the Cold War hot and of adventure equal to the steamy carnal longings and antics of those in that frozen outpost. [632 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketRed Eagles:  
America`s Secret MiGs

Steve Davies
FJ Photography.com
2008-09-23, Nonfiction, 1846033780 
From the late 1960s to the end of the Cold War, the USAF acquired and flew Russian-made MiG jets, culminating in a secret squadron dedicated to exposing American fighter pilots to enemy technology and tactics. This is the story of program Constant Peg & the 4477th Red Eagles Squadron in the words of the men who made it possible. [352 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketSecrets of the Cold War:  
US Army Europe`s Intel and
Counterintelligence Activities
Against the Soviets
During the Cold War

Leland C McCaslin
2010-10-19, Nonfiction, 1906033919 
Focuses on a dark period of a silent war and offers a new perspective on the struggle between the superpowers as told by those who were there. What distinguishes this book is its highlighting of unique missions by American and Allied forces to thwart Soviet espionage. It is full of first-person narratives of real events that seem to be taken from the pages of a pop-fiction spy thriller. [248 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketThe Shadow Factory:  
The NSA from 9/11 to the
Eavesdropping on America

James Bamford
2009-07-14, Nonfiction, 0307279391 
Bamford continues to write on the intelligence community. Since 9/11, NSA has moved beyond its original mission of pursuing intelligence outside the United States. Now, with its vastly expanded domestic spying apparatus, it wages the War on Terror often at the expense of the privacy and civil liberties of ordinary citizens. [395 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketShadow Flights:  
America`s Secret Air War
Against the Soviet Union

Curtis Peebles
2002-01-25, Nonfiction, 0891417680 
During the Cold War, American military conducted a secret air war against the Soviet Union. Flown by a handful of American crews, these intel gathering missions were a well-kept secret. The downing of Francis Gary Power`s U-2 however blew the lid off the supersecret aerial war and heralded a new chapter in the history of the Cold War. [352 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketSite 18  

Richard E. Waldron
2005-01-15, Short Stories, 0965659372 
Stories, pictures and humor from a small, isolated USAF radar site in Japan during the Korean War and Cold War compare loosely to television [196 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketSkivvy Nine  

T. Wyman Beal
2004-09-08, Autobiography, 1591135656 
Book is based on a journal compiled by CMSgt. T. Wyman Beal, USAF, Retired, during his assignment as Operations Superintendent of the 6903rd ESG (aka SKIVVY NINE) at Osan Air Base, Korea. [352 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketSpy Flights of the Cold War  

Paul Lashmar
1998-08-25, Nonfiction, 0750919701 
The full story of the Cold War`s secret but very real war in which hundreds of combatants lost their lives. Long before Gary Powers was downed over the USSR in 1960, an undeclared war was being fought in the stratosphere. This was the aerial espionage war between the West and the Soviet Union. Since 1950 over 40 western aircraft were shot down and hundreds of USAF flyers died or remain missing. This book documents the hunt today for these Cold War MIAs. [255 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketThese Guys  
Cold War Stories
Told By Cold War Warriors

Trish Schiesser
2009-05-01, Nonfiction, 0967016940 
A collection of anecdotes and stories compiled by the author as told by those Silent Warriors who served during the Cold War and Vietnam Eras. These men served in many capacities in Intel Communications during the Cold War between the USSR and the US. [718 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketA Tiger by the Tail  

T. Wayne Babb
2007-03-15, Autobiography, 1601451547 
Snapshot in the long and distinguished history of the 6924th SS, activated in 1965 at Da Nang Air Base, Viet Nam. Its mission was to provide air intelligence support to war fighters. They performed their mission well, but they were in harm's way. [276 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketTwilight Warriors  
Covert Air Operations
against the USSR

Curtis Peebles
2005-05-01, Nonfiction, 1591146607 
An overview of US air-supported covert operations against the Soviet bloc. The author brings a sense of continuity to the shifting, shadowy battlefronts of the Cold War with one fascinating account after another of American intelligence services fighting against some of the most formidable secret police states the world has ever known. [330 pages]

Click to enlarge jacketWar Stories:  
Looking Back on a
30-Year Military Career

T. Wayne Babb
2010-11-04, Autobiography, 160910577X 
War Stories is autobiographical and chockfull of heroes and villains, good guys and tyrants, and a plethora of eccentric characters who populated the intelligence community. If you are an intel buff, this book is a gold mine. Recent declassification initiatives enable the author to relate events that were highly classified just a few short years ago. [670 pages]

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