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While not a commercial website, we do promote USAFSS-related products that we believe may be of interest to USAFSS Vets.
Several items on this page can now be ordered online using major credit or bank cards.
The transaction takes place through PayPal, but you do not need to be a PayPal member.

Looking for USAFSS books? They now have their very own page. Check 'em out at the   Base Exchange Bookshelf !   We've added many selections and we think you'll like what you see.

with Original Colors

You've been looking for it ... you've been asking for it ... but, just couldn't find it - until now!

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Until now, the only Air Force Security Service patch available for sale on the Internet had the faded, washed out powder blue and pale yellows that came later - but, just not the original, crisp, brightly colored USAFSS patch that we once wore proudly.

Finally, a high-quality, embroidered USAFSS patch with true original colors is now available in two popular sizes -

  • Small = 2 5/8 inches high (perfect for hats), and
  • Large = 4 inches high (shirt pocket size).

     Small Patch ... $5 (free shipping)
     Large Patch ... $6 (free shipping)

    Proceeds from the sale of this item go toward supporting the ongoing costs associated with supporting veteran websites.

  • USAirCombat.com
    Are you still looking for those custom veteran license frames or front plate for your auto, truck or motorcycle? Well, look no further. Visit USAirCombat.com hosted by second-generation Air Force pilot, Dave Heffernan, located in Windermere, FL.
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    (click each photo to enlarge)

    Shown here are just a few of the production items available. They have roughly a dozen production designs of veteran vehicle license frames to pick from, or you can make a one-of-a-kind custom frame with the text that you specify.
    • You can pay after you receive the frames - order now, pay later, no risk.
    • They make custom frames with text you specify - enter your text online.
    • They normally have frames in the mail within 24 hours of order (48 max).
    • Veterans making frames for fellow Veterans - they serve all branches.
    USAFSS Ring
    New Item

    There is a guy down in Georgia - retired Navy - who hand makes all sorts of rings from stainless steel nuts. He simply grinds away everything that doesn't look like a ring!
    USAFSS Ring
    Click to enlarge

    Gordon Spurlock does some remarkable work and can provide the USAFSS ring very much like what you see here. Because they are all hand made, no two rings are exactly identical.

    Here's how to get yours -

    1. Have a jeweler size your finger for a wide band ring.
    2. Order your ring directly from Gordon (email nutgrinder41@yahoo.com or phone 912-265-9591).
    3. If you're happy with your ring when it arrives, send Gordon a check for $105 - otherwise, return the ring.
    To visit Gordon's website, click the box below.

    2016 Misawa Reunion Coin

    This is a recent addition to our offerings! Our 2016 Misawa Project Annual Reunion held in Mobile, Alabama, was able to provide each member in attendance with this gorgeous custom medallion. Shown below is the face and the reverse of this coin.

    Mobile Medallion
    Click to enlarge

    The price includes postage and delivery in a padded envelope for secure shipping.

     2016 Misawa Reunion Coin ... $8

    AN/FLR-9 Artifacts

    We've been bird-dogging this opportunity for several years now. We've known it was going to happen, but didn't know exactly when. You've been asking about it, but we just didn't have the answers ... until NOW!

    We all knew the Misawa AN/FLR-9 had been decommissioned and was scheduled to be dismantled as funding allowed. Well, it finally happened and, thanks to the efforts of numerous Misawa Project Site Members and the understanding of several of the final "Hill" Commanders we are able to offer something that we believe you'll want to add to your USAFSS collection of memorabilia:

    FLR-9 Cable Segments
    Click to enlarge

    Two (2) 11-inch segments of cable that were installed and functional as part of the FLR-9 during its period of operation in Misawa. One segment is a 0.425 diameter RG216/U 75 Ohm Coax RF cable with double-shielded PVC jacket used to carry signals. The other is a 0.25 diameter 7-strand stainless steeel guy-wire that supported the structure.
    FLR-9 Cable Segments
    Click to enlarge

    Included with these cable segments is an 8x10-inch Certificate of Authenticity, suitable for framing and signed by USAFSS Veteran SMSgt Cecil Hahn. SMSgt Hahn served a total of 28 years in USAFSS and ESC, accumulating 18 years on the "Hill" at Misawa during three separate tours.

    Following his retirement from the Air Force in 1985, Mr. Hahn remained in Misawa City and was later employed by the Army Corps of Engineers at Misawa Air Base, and retired for good in 2011. Even after final retirement, Mr. Hahn remained active with a local group of "Hill" Alumni who worked closely with the "Hill" Commanders until the Unit's stand-down and Mission transfer in July, 2014. Mr. Hahn still resides in Misawa City with his family and is enjoying his retirement. Thanks primarily to his efforts, these AN/FLR-9 Artifacts were acquired and shipped to the States where you can now own a piece (actually 2 pieces) of Misawa FLR-9 History.

    To purchase, mail a check for $10.00 payable to "The Misawa Project" to -

    Syd Scales
    58 Budd Avenue
    Brockton, MA 02302-2840

    NOTE: Be sure to include your MAILING ADDRESS!
    Once payment is received, your order will be mailed directly to you. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

    Custom Embroidered Trick Hats

    After searching high and low, I finally discovered a place that does great custom embroidery work, and at reasonable prices.
    6989th Trick Hat
    Click to enlarge

    JDL Graphics, Inc. has been working with our USAFSS organizations to custom create not only hats and shirts, but coffee mugs, name badges, mouse pads, window decals, bumper stickers, and on and on and on.

    The hat shown here is just one of the designs they can do. This one is navy blue, but is also available in Green (Trick 1), Blue (Trick 2), Maroon (Trick 3), and Black (Trick 4). Be sure to enlarge the image to get a better look at the detail.

    Did I mention reasonable pricing?

    $10.95Trick Hat as shown
    $14.95Trick Hat, custom embroidering sides and/or back

    I had JDL do my own Trick hat and, not only were they able to embroider the tour years/unit on one side and hometown/state on the other, but they put my name on the back, both in English and in Japanese!   Can you believe it??

    To order your hat today email them at jdlgraphics@yahoo.com

    To visit their website, click the following logo -
    JDL Graphics, Inc.


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