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  • Site/Change Log: Made price changes to JDL Graphics products.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Backlog of 72 Eagles added.

  2016 Changes
  • No updates during this year.

  2015 Changes
  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Backlog of 88 Eagles added A thru C.

  2014 Changes
  • No updates during this year.

  2013 Changes
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Added link for 6987th Alumni Association.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Gerald Giese, George Gilbert, Austin Giles, James Gillard, Thomas Topp, and John Zornes; added new photo for Clifton Phelps.

  • USAFSS/History: Added 3 historical documents by AF ISR Agency: The First History of USAFSS 1948-1949, 1st Radio Squadron Mobile (J) 1944-1945, and 138th Signal Radio Intelligence Company 1942-1944.

  • Misawa/Memories/Stories: Included "Remembrances of the 1968 Earthquake" submitted by Robert Harris (67-69 73-76).

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Harold Arnall, Hugh Covington, George Decker, and Robert Nappier.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted 4 new patches from Jim Lipa for bowling, basketball and softball from 1965-1966.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Brian Boyer, Tom Brady, Douglas Chang, James Crowley, Jerry Denmark, Frederick Denton, Al Jump, Arthur Lagatta, Clifford Lousignont, and Geoffrey Page.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches: Posted 1965-68 matchbox collection submitted by Pete Russo.
  • Japan/Memories/Misawaese: Added the term "sky" (to leave, to go, to depart) as defined by Joe Roginski.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Clarence Abbott, Ronn Barnett, George Cahalane, Titus Fisher, Paul McNamara, Henry McNeal, Larry Perkins, and Lemuel Richardson.

  2012 Changes
  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Ed Bynum, Jr., Terrell Bynum, John Cotton, Larry Cotton, Benjamin Crew, Jr., John Cross, John Crotty, Everette Crouse, Jackie Daniel, Philip Dittes, Darrel Ducheneaux, William Friedel, Larry Lockhart, Earl Pruitt, Bill Prusia, Vincent Ranger, Robert Rasmussen, Harlan Stone and James Wetzstein; added photos for Garry Riddle, Terry Sanders and Bobby Templin.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Butch Adams, Richard Dibble, Dickey Kirk, John Manchester, Terry Sanders, Ronald Skrabacz, Robert Templin, and Hume Vatier; added photos for Paul Jacobs.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added William Adams, Robert Breneman, Lewis Brown, Gale Busch, Richard Daley, Francis Dambrauskas, William Daniello, Doyce Flynn, James Fulmer, John Garvey, James Gillispie, Frank Hibbs, Don Massie, Harry Obrien, Richard Piper, George Place, "Big Jim" Plyler, Ralston Pou, and Allan Thompson; added photos for Richard Harris and Jim Moore.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jack Cook, Joseph Cromartie, Robert Pierantoni, and Robert Sadusky.

  • BX Page: Added BJ Cook's restrike of the Misawa Challenge Coin.

  • BX Bookshelf: Added George Welch's newest book, "Eisenhower's Children: The Road to Misawa".

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Floyd morse and Roy Stalnaker.
  • BX Page: Added USAFSS Ring from Gordon Spurlock.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Dan Batts, George Baum, Phillip Caffey, Mace Card, James Cathcart, Paul Chvostal, Norman Corbin, Robert Crabb, Lenine Egdahl, Philip Halliburton, Andrew Jaufre, Larry Lam, Aubrey Payne, Francis Pope, Kurt Probst, Lyle Sievers, and Carnell Spradlin.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Milton Angelo, Paul Eroe, Lowell Jameson, Domenico Robbe, Kenneth Saylor, J.C. Smith, and Martin Sutterer.

  • Home page: Removed links to Atlanta Reunion Page.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Charles Olds, Peter Winter, Jerone Winterman, Don Winther, Leonard Wishnefsky, and William Woodall.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Updated link for 6927th Onna Point Vets.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Connie Bland, John Boatwright, Ron Bullis, Raymond Burbank, Norman Cornett, James Cullen, Leslie Gray, Stephen Geymann, Clarence Gindt, Harold Morrow, and Floyd Spencer.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added BJ Calloway; posted new photo for Ron Bartlett.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Tommy Adkins, William Findling, and Douglas Hutchins.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Gary Kruschke, Raymond Kurtz, French Morrow, Lawrence Mossor, Joseph Motry, David Moulton, Cletus Meuth, Bill Nettles, Robert Titmas, Joe Trimble, and Dennis Tsurumaki

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added David Cecil, Thomas Dobbing, Melvyn Mercado, John Merit, Casimero Natividad, Troy Owens, and Franklin Rodgers.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added John Brantley, and Oran Hanson,

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added William Akins, Hubert Blankenship, David Booth, Richard Edelson, Larry Ellingson, Will Elliott, Bobby Emmett, Robert Enslin, Michael Ensminger, Howard Erwin, Hector Garcia, Michael Hopwood, Michael Ivory, Richard Iverson, Charles Kickbusch, Clyde Wiggins, and Edward Wilczek.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Dicky Bartholomew, Gerald Burke, Herman Butiste, Frank Calma, Herbert Carrier, Herbert Carson, Roy Christen, Gordon Cowen, Gerald Cross, Don Eisha, Richard Hall, Dale Humphrey, Jessie Ivester, Isaac Jackson, Robert Kern, Thomas Kint, Allie Koenning, William Lally. Ralph Obrien, and Gary Raymond.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Dean Griffin, Ed Kern, Gennaro Mineghino, Robert Oatman, Wes Takahashi, Robert Vance, John Viator, and Davy Vidor. Included new photo for John Sinnard.
  • Japan/Memories/Collectibles: Posted MPC bills from Bob Wynn and Gino Giannandrea.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jack Applequist, Laurence Arnold, Malcom Arnold, Joe Audet, Joe Colfer, and John Sinnard.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jan Perkins, Remus Perkinson, Rodney Pyle, and George Stillson.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Robert Days, Dominick DeJulia, and Richard DeLotto.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Leonard Labrecque and William Shirley.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Charles Dollinger, Michael Goers, Marvin Hendershot, and Rupert Pierce.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Clarence Arnold, Lester Hurley, and Perry Kehrer.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added new photos for Tom Crow and Al "Bud" Mayer.
  • Japan/Misawa Memories/Hill Commanders: Limited list of Hill Commanders to USAFSS years.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Clifford Arnold.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Frank Kaumans, Albert Mayer, Robert Patchell, and Don Seyboth.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Walter Kasza, Ralph Sagan, and Earl Sublett.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Removed 1st RSM Wakkanai from Links Page - no longer active.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Don Boyd.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Earley B. Teal.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added obituary page for James Howard.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Brad Shore.
  • NavBar: Implemented Site Search block in each occurrence of the NavBar.

  • Veterans Page: Published veteran profile for Bob Cichocki. Also added ability to contact each veteran via email form.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Henry "Hank" Hester and James Howard.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Worth Conn.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Joseph Pettis.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added photo for Bernard Westerberg.

  • Japan: Created a new site page showing Misawa AB Snowfall from 1948-2009, contributed by Cecil Hahn.
  • Site/Software: Added Yrefresher which automatically refreshes any Internet Explorer browser window.

  • BX Bookshelf: Reprogrammed page to be database-fed, allowing books to be sequenced by Title, Author, Release Date, Category, or ISBN.

  2011 Changes
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Changed URL for Prop Wash Gang from www.silent-warriors.com to www.propwashgang.org.
  • BX Bookshelf: Added Ally to Adversary by Rick Francona.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Included new photos for Theodore Tryon.
  • Veterans Page: Published veteran profile for Tom Ryan.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Arthur Burnap.

  • BX Bookshelf: Added Volume 3 of Larry Tart's new book, Freedom Through Vigilance.

  • Site/Software: Added recommendation for QuickMessenger (instant messaging for LANs).

  • USAFSS/History: Updated to the 2010 Edition of A Continuing Legacy.
  • BX Page: Updated URL for USAFSS Store (http://www.usafssstore.com/) per Larry Roberts' request.
  • BX Bookshelf: Updated to the 2010 Edition of A Continuing Legacy.

  • Japan/Memories/Documents: Posted Harry Larrabee's 1973 Pocket Guide (AF 216-3) showing JASDF ranks.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Nathaniel Tolbert.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Bob Massie reported alive and well; removed from Fallen Eagles.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added David Duperault; included new pics for AC Chamblee.
  • BX Bookshelf: Added Wayne Babb's new book, War Stories.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Steve Emery, Floyd Lindstrom and Charles Respess.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted 1968 Earthquake patch from Steve Quinn.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Michael Jones and Wayne Meinert.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Calvin Almond.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added John Lorello and Robert Waldhauer.

  • USAFSS/History/NSA: Added link to NSA's declassified documents library.
  • BX Bookshelf: Added Volumes 1 & 2 of Larry Tart's new book, Freedom Through Vigilance.

  • USAFSS/History/USAFSS Units: Converted USAFSS Units from a local document to a PDF residing on Google Docs.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Arthur Striebich. Included new pics for Alan Booth and Geoff Troxel.
  • USAFSS/History/USAFSS Units: Replaced USAFSS Units document with an update from Red Barthel dated 18 Oct 2010.
  • USAFSS/USAFSS Sites Map: Added new page with Google Map that graphically depicts the locations of USAFSS Sites (1948-1979).

  • BX Bookshelf: Revised ordering instructions/pricing for These Guys.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Carl Felch, Paul McCormick, and Marion Son.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Gillie Massey, Franklin Munnell, Horace Price, Ulderic Richard, James Rzepecki, and Walter Sakai; Included new photo for Colonel Touby.
  • Japan/Memories/Documents: Posted 1962 Degarble Chart and 1963 Sales Control Card, both from Mike Hollister.
  • Japan/Memories/Misawaese: Revised "mighty good ball chit" definition according to Jim Miller.

  • Reunions: Converted 2007 Reunion to Coppermine.

  • Reunions: Converted 2006 Reunion to Coppermine.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Col. Robert Touby and Lee Zollar; posted new photo for Ed Angel.
  • Japan/Misawa Memories/Hill Commanders: linked Col. Touby to Fallen Eagles Pages.

  • Reunions: Converted 2004 & 2005 Reunions to Coppermine.

  • Reunions: Converted 2003 Reunion to Coppermine.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Joseph Musolino and David Uzzell.

  • USAFSS/History: Added SMSgt. James Houle's SNCOA 1996 student paper on USAFSS Morse Code Operators.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Stanley Galica, Pete Grozdanich, Jimmie Henderson, Lawrence Howard, Willis Howell, Oliver Hudson, and John Latek.
  • USAFSS/Event Calendar: Reworded instructions for submitting events.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Dale Crabb, Laten Davis, Donald Dillinger, and Olin Firestone.

  • BX Page: Revised pricing for JDL Graphics.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Ronald Cissell, Michael Gaede, and Michael Lisk.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added James Van Kirk.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Added Terry Casey's recently launched "Goodfellow AFB Then and Now" website.
  • Site/Software: Dropped AVG antivirus software recommendation in favor of Avast.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Thomas Goff, Merle Kopp, Steven Kotera, Randall Mayberry, William Revels, and Arthur Scovel; posted new photos for Joe Carr, Bob Cork, and Richard Dixon.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Included a link counter at bottom of page.
  • Japan/Memories/Documents: Posted a pamphlet printed by MAB Special Services titled, "Recreation and Trip Tips" submitted by John Speece.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Bob Cork, George Stokely, and Fred Wing.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Included link for Berlin Island Association

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Vincent Rakus, Ralph Raynes, Thomas Rhodes, Ferrell Skaines, and Ted Stacey.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Included link for 6927th Onna Point Site.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Monty Frost, Walter Layson, and Bruce Mountfort; posted new photo for Ken Bausell.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Removed William W. Hamilton (discovered he's still living!); added Edwin Rosensteel and Jerry Shelton.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jesse Carden, Hugh Cranford, Mark Feeney, Lloyd Mills, Donald Nail, and J. Craig Teller.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Bart Croissette, Ray Wedryk and William Whyley; posted photo for John Stock.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Removed 5 names that did not serve in Misawa during USAFSS years (Bonaventura, Christopher, Motyka, Spradley, and Waite).

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added John Devere and Maylon Steele; posted photos for Marv Gravely.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Rodney Kastens and Louis Seier; posted photos for Denise Bonaventura.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Hollis Frame, Scott Sawyer, Bertrami Schirmer, and Matt Selvidge.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jerold Lewis, Earl Parker, Troy Parsell, and Albert Simmons; added photo for Milt Lacey.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted John Potts' 58-59 Baseball Championship Patch.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Troy Plumlee and Dorrell Stevens.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added David V. Reniere.
  • USAFSS/Event Calendar: Moved Event Calendar on menu bar from USAFSS to REUNIONS.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Leroy Bentz and John "Falstaff" Halstead; removed William Lindemann as he was found alive and well!
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted 1971 T2 Football patch, 1971 T2 Base Football Champions patch from John Butts; also included 1971 ski area patches from Moya, Owani, Yake Yama, and Zao - all designed by John Butts.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Joe Finley; posted photos of Dale Roepke provided by daughter, Dana.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jerry Freeman.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added John Wrubleski.
  • Japan/Misawa Memories/Hill Commanders: Updated timeline for Col. Gortler's watch.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added John Bennett, Robert Burns, Henry Connors, Robert Dunaway, Frank Fuller, Anthony Grodzki, Thomas Kennady, George Mason, William Wasserman, Robert White, and Terry Wilks; posted new photos for Robert Farnsworth and James Yonkovig.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added James Braswell, Michael Bruflat, Harry Charter, Ronald Cummins, James Denney, Michael Emmons, Richard Gajewski, Minas Harris, Horace Holcomb, Robert Jamieson, Melvin Powell, Paul Rose, Glenn Russell, Phillip Ryan, Harry Scott, Robert Wallette, Richard Westfall, Leslie Wiley, Donald Wingfield, and Joel Wright; posted new photos for Bill McCreery and Tim Templado.
  • Japan/Memories/Misawaese: Included "Shooting the pan" as defined by Bob Rupert 75-77. Also documented "trick".

  • Japan/Webcams: Added Tokyo clock to page to help user with time differences in viewing live webcams.

  • Site/Visitor Log: At the end of this month, the Google Map that represented our Visitor Log (powered by gVisit.com) was no longer functional. Converted this function to similar Google Map powered by GetClicky.com.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Leivan Blair, A.C. Chamblee, Porter Fawcett, and Barney Riggins.

  • BX Bookshelf: Added "MISAWA: A SONG OF THE MACHI", authored by George "Granny" Welch.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Tim "Hud" Templado and Gearod Thomas.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Dom "Rags" Ragazzo and Frank Slizewski, Jr.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Linked in website for 6937th Communications Group, Peshawa AS, Pakistan.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Horace Harding and Geoff Troxel.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Victor Leyendecker and John Revolinski.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Robert Annett, Carl Beichler, Marion Caraway, and Homer Donahey; revised Frank Bergin's Tribute Page to include his letter of commendation.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Posted new photo for Roger Gavit.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Reginald Cash, Robert Pechmann, and William Rudisill; posted new photo for Guy Ruocco.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jerry Boe, Francis Bogers, David Deihl, Hulet Gafford, and Louis Koukal; posted new photos for Art Bissell, William Duffy, and Terry Taylor.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jack Fowlkes, Lynn Frank, and Bobby Rone.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Johnny Deathriage and Frederick Dedoming.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Charlie Wilson and Col. Adolph Wright.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted T1 Football League Champs patch from 1969, contributed by Fred Jones.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Maner Cranford, Gary Katz, Jerry Liles, Ron Rutkowski, Owen Smith, and Ron Wilkerson.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added John E. Neeley.

  2010 Changes
  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Allen Cameron, Richard "Bud" Harris, and Bernard Westerberg.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Elbert Burris, Robert Carruthers, Mahlon Davis, John Robisheaux, and Dale Roepke.

  • USAFSS/History/A Continuing Legacy, USAFSS to AFISR Agency: Updated this document from the 4th Edition to the 5th Edition published in 2009.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Barry Adams, Donn Adams, Eugene Farrelly, Raymond Fuchs, Albert Mathis, David Tompkins, and Robert Wiitala.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Calvin Dorsey.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Dwain Madison and Francis Turek.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Charles Eubank, Albert Falcinelli, Robert Gasse, Earlish Gause, Roger Gavit, and Garland Messick.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Gary Hlivko.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Col. Dale S. Seeds.

  • Japan/Misawa Memories/Hill Commanders: Added Col. Gortler and Col. Bender.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Posted new photo for Keith Francis.
  • USAFSS/History/USAFSS Units: Replaced USAFSS Units document with an update from Red Barthel dated 12 Nov 2009.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Tribute Page for Donald Hammell authored by his good friend, Bob Johnson, and added photo for Herbert Rounsville.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added James Yonkovig. Included new photos for Vic Chatlos and Donald Hammell.
  • Japan Maps: Posted 2007 Misawa Downtown Map and 2008 Security Hill Map.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Added new 1971-73 T4 Trick Patch and 1975-76 Motley Crew Patch, both provided by Robert Tilley.
  • Japan/Memories/Collectibles: Included 1964 Misawa NCO Open Mess Lighter from Bill Wood.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Robert Giles and Henry Vest. Included new photos for Dennis Beerfeldt, Wane Buchholz, and Victor Chatlos.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added William Popielarczyk and Gene Ward. Included new photo for CK Davis.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Posted new photos for Tim Goode and Robert Molstad.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Thomas Lippert and James Spiers; added several photos and a personal remembrance to Tribute Page for Allan Lavelle.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Stanley Golen, Timothy Goode, and Richard Kletka.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added John Chambers.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Robert Ciolek and Royce Pohlpeter. Included several new photos for Scott Swindall courtesy of his sister, Christy Blackburn.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Robert Kresge and Robert Laugen.

  • Site/Software: Documented Screen Capturer, a freeware screenshot package.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Albert Layfield, John Leasure, Roy Lester, and Lawrence Letterman. Added photos of Garry Riddle.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Paul Johnson, Bobby Keen, and Garry Riddle.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Emanuel Galloway, Thomas Galyean, Jack Winburn, and Wesley Wineinger.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Ray Koon, Gordon Kope, and Bennie Satterfield.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Early B. Smith.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Linked 12th RSM/6912th RSM website.
  • Site/Software: Included a new Software Recommendations Page that contains links to software downloads.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Woodrow Cooper, Richard Copas, Thomas Derwinski, Omar Glahn, Earl Glasscoe, Evon Godinich, Joe Godleski, Rudy Gyngard, George Sikokis, Ron Stickles, Carl Stroud, and James Valois.
  • NavBar: Became aware that this site was not navigable for many browsers because the dropdown menu software in use was not working properly. Replace dropdown menu software with All Levels Navigational Menu, v2.2, which seems to work with all browsers except FireFox. Will continue to work on a FireFox resolution.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Richard Barnhart, Donnie Corbitt, Stephen Mason, James Mulligan, Larry Nahoum, Kenneth Patton, Michael Tucker, Alpha Vest, and Robert Ziriak.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Included 1st RSM Wakkanai, 6924th Heritage Assoc., and 6985th ESS.
  • NavBar: Added gold star to far right of Blue Navigational Bar that will produce a Site Map with links to all menu entries for those browsers that do not properly render the drop down menu.

  • BX Bookshelf: Added ISBN-10 numbers to all books.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added John Boulton, Dan Bowker, Richard Kincheloe, Harold Lewey, William Lindemann, Daniel Naughtin, and Douglas Neal.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Included 6994th Security Squadron.

  • USAFSS/Event Calendar: Implemented Event Calendar Page to alert members of upcoming events.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jim Beck, Ron Cagle, Dejack Vittitow, and William Walkup.
  • Personnel/Base Locator: Cleaned up program logic errors.
  • BX Bookshelf: Added "THESE GUYS: Cold War Stories Told By Cold War Warriors", authored by Trish Schiesser.

  • BX Page: Removed all books from BX Page and relocated them to the newly created ...
  • BX Bookshelf: Launched this page along with many new USAFSS book listings.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Abbott Lee and Ken Palko; included photo for Morris Vanderjagt.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted 57-58 Trick 4 Patch contributed by John Speece.
  • Veterans Page: Published veteran profile for Tom Korzeniowski.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Mickey Byrd and Ernest Ging.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Posted photos for Dennis Beerfeldt and Donald Hammell.
  • USAFSS/Website Links: Included links to 6922nd SG and 6987th SG websites.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added William Schaule.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Robert Beck, Frederick Fistzgiles, Leonard Fleeger, Jerry Fleener, Charles Fleming, and George Vining.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Posted a Tribute Page for Jerry Halbert, authored by his daughter, Ronda Reece.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Samuel Boston, David Grau, Horace Haire, Bobby J. Marler, Robert McCrory, John O'Malley, Willard Rule, and John Skinner.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted Henry Luepp's Tech Svc, Maintenance, Transec, and "Rats of Stalag 645" patches from the early 1960's.
  • Japan/Memories/Documents: Included Joe Koester's 1962 Ration Card, 1964 Dusters Card, 1964 Static Club card, and 1964 T4 card.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Charles "Chuck" Luther.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Joe Alford, Joe Ambler, Truitt Biggers, Lee Coatney, Wayne Hightower, and Gerald Worden.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Bobby Artrip, Herb Bowcock, Richard Charbonneau, Evarist Pellowski, Dean Pelton, Roy Pennington, Leland Rain, Dale Sinclair, Larry Sixel, Billy Skeens, Romayne Stenvick, Wayne Wimberly, Floyde Wooden, Samuel Woodson, and Morris Vanderjagt; included Fallen Eagle count per page.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Beltron Brandt, Thomas Fuchsman, brothers Delbert and Donald Hallock, Don Korger, Gary Loneyh, Lee Margetos, Wayne Margita, John Pomplas, Jack Robertshaw, General Smith, Rogert Tasler, Norman Tomlinson, Albert Torstrick, Orus Towles, Leo Trahan, John Trickey, and Theodore Tryon; included photos for Jerry Halbert.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Al Atwell, Verlin Butler, Rollie Canary, Norman Courbois, Brian Davis, Marvin Dunham, Warren Fairleigh, and Earl Fluharty; corrected surname for Norman Courbois (originally entered as "Corbois").

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Joe Bozarth, Michael Butler, Julius Forehand, Donald Hammell, Warren Rowe, Dandridge Sprouse, Joel Stallins, and Harold Stellwag.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jim Holcombe, Duane Walling, and Donald Wanek.

  • Home page: Removed links to SeaTac Reunion Page.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Posted new photos for Glenn Havens and Bill Miller.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Raymond Ailey, Elmer Alberfer, Sanford Guynup, David Hudnell, Michael Lanczynski, Richard LaPlante, Brant Larson, Salvador Martinez, and Decious Scott.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added new photo for Al Booth.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Richard Bishop, Robert Brown, Joe Francisco, Harold MacGregor, Richard McFarland, Allen Pulliam, Sidney Rutledge, Rodney Sheffield, Thomas Skelton, Clarence Traywick, and Wallace Williams.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Webster Chambers, Bobby D. Cox, Dennis Dale, Harold Davis, Peter Dickinson, Burgess Griffin, Charles Kelch, Bobby Penny, Lonnie Rodgers, George Stubbs, and Ivan Yesnes; posted new pics for TJ Hanley III and Bob Morgan.

  • BX Page: Added Chief Babb's latest book, HONTO!.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jerry Halbert, Rich "Whale" Stromske; new pic for John Walczak.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added David Fales and Dan Hill; new pics for Paul Hinton.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Paul Collins.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted 1975 Hachinohe Peak 1 patch from Jim Stephens.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added SMSgt. Bobby Chew.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added photo for Hubert "Peewee" Carignan.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Bobby Anderson, Charles Bibbs, Yugve Boberg, Robert Charleville, Richard Christie, John Cooper, Gerald Davis, Innis Davis, Enoch Eubanks, Fred Fowler, Richard Hitchcock, Philip Holzer, Robert Jones, Melvin July, Thomas Larson, James McCall, Timothy Powell, Charles Robbins, Hubert Roff, Douglas Rutter, Joseph Schank, Daniel Seip, and Cecil Turner.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted 1971 NSGA patch donated by Steve Quinn.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Eldon Alt and Homer Belyeu.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted 5th AF patch and Army Air Force Radio Operator patch, both from 1946.
  • Japan/Memories/Documents: Included 1971 Misawa Drivers Permit.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Webster Keene and Bill Lotze.
  • Japan/Memories/Emblems: Posted 1970 version of the Misawa Duster's Motorcycle Club Patch and 1970 NSGD patch, both donated by Steve Quinn.
  • Japan/Memories/Documents: Included 1967 Misawa Ops Secure Area signs donated by Steve Quinn.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Ronald Hain.
  • Misawa/Memories/Stories: Added Ole Harrison's story about Charlie Davis: "Rock Hock".
  • Japan/Memories/Documents: Included scan of possibly the oldest known document issued by 1st RSM: a 1946 Class A Pass, donated by owner's son, Duane Keene.
  • Japan/Memories/Misawaese: Documented "Cherry Boy-san".

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Clifton Phelps; posted photo for James Novy.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Robert Lehman and Don McFarren.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Posted a photo of Guy T. Ruocco provided by his son, Ralph Vincent Ruocco.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added William "Red" Opack.

  • Reunions: Inserted interactive Google map with placemarks denoting locations of all annual National Reunions.

  • NavBar: Added Site Map to the Navigational Menu Bar.

  • BX Page: Added custom embroidered trick hats offered by JDL Graphics.

  • Footer Line: Programmed the Footer routine to read the script file for each page and extract the last-modified date that appears in the center of each footer line. This negates having to manually enter the date each time a page is changed.

  • Home page: Installed a javascript ticker on homepage to replace the old marquee tickers provided by HTML.

  • Implemented secure admin page with tools for database management, guestbook admin, search function re-indexing, etc.
  • Relocated database application.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Posted Douglas Junker.
  • Japan/Webcams: Added 6 new Northern Honshu webcams.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Posted Tom "Mac" McGrath.
  • Japan/Webcams: Added Java download link to page.

  • USAFSS History: Added a document by James Duncan entitled, "USAFSS - An Enlisted Command".
  • Japan/Webcams: Reformatted page and added several more webcams for Honshu.

  • Japan/Webcams: Added webcam for Rebun Island (west of Wakkanai).

  • Reunions: Added logos/dates for 2005, 2006, and 2008 National MPI Reunions, but marked 'pending' until reunion pages completed.
  • Japan/Webcams: Added several more live webcams based on Hokkaido.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Claude Harrison, David Schmierer, William Warfield, Ralph Watkins, and Michael White.
  • Changed NavBar heading MISAWA to read JAPAN.
  • Created new WEBCAMS Page under JAPAN menu heading. Initially offering 4 webcams: Misawa, Wakkanai, Lake Towada, and Hirosaki.

  • USAFSS/History/USAFSS Units: Added a document developed, maintained and submitted by Red Barthel showing the evolution of early USAFSS units.
  • Misawa/Misawa Memories/Documents: Included a 1960's Short Timer or Figmo Chart, and a 36-page scan of the 5BX Plan Booklet from 1960.

  • Site/Site Search: Implemented a Site Search that will search the website for words or phrases. This search even scans dynamic pages and PDF files!

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Jerome J. Farbe.

  • USAFSS/Websites: Added 15th RSM and 6910th SG.

  2009 Changes
  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Included Garrold Beard, James Bohline, George Chand, Jerry Coccus, Reed Conyne, Victor Ghesquier, Nicholas Gualillo, Verlan Johnson, James Hadermannh, Mac Henderson, Ernest Herrington, George Pashade, Duncan Perro, Herbert Rounseville, and John Stock.

  • Site/Change Log: Added an index to be able to locate site changes by year.

  • Added a DTG (date-time group) at the top of each webpage onsite in the format:
    weekday | dd mmm yyyy | hh:mm:ss using military time and reflecting the viewers local date/time.

  • Misawa/Memories/Commanders: Linked names of deceased Hill Commanders to the appropriate spot within the Fallen Eagles Pages.

  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Don Bean.
    Steven L. "Sakana" Hughes has been removed from Fallen Eagles per Helen Henderson, since his demise cannot be confirmed.

  • Misawa/Memories/Stories: Posted Paul Johnson's, "Blowing Smoke - The Lt. Langer Story".

  • The entire website has undergone a revision based upon the newly-installed dropdown menu. While content remains very much the same, navigating to that content has changed. Some pages were revised to maintain the "look and feel" of the site's design. The Search function has been removed for now (just wasn't effective) and will soon be replaced by a far more functional search engine.
  • Personnel/Fallen Eagles: Added Ron Best, Lester Borutta, Edwin Brockman, Emmitt Buckner, Joe Carr, Frank Cichocki, Frank Collins, James Dodrill, George Fluellen, Alexander Loscutoff, James Lorenzo, Roger Lofing, Harold Maillard, John Matarangolo, Richard Quinlan, Richard Rodekohr, and Blake Spires.
  • Misawa/Memories/Emblems: Included a new T2 roll call patch dated 1961-62 from Roy Southern.
  • Misawa Images/Roll Calls: The Roll Call category has been removed from the Misawa Memories Page and relocated to Misawa Memories as a new album.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Robert Carnes and Eileen Moore.

  • Base Locator: Altered logic; when Fallen Eagles name is selected, next screen presented is the appropriate Fallen Eagles Page.

  • Memories/Emblems: Added 1960 Misawa Circulators Model Airplane Club patch, donated by Roger Krasusky, son of Fallen Eagle Hank Krasusky.

  • Maps: Reworked Maps Page and integrated a host of post-war US Army Grid Maps found by Jim Clark. (c. 1945-1950) for Northern Honshu and Wakkanai.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Dennis Beerfeldt, Dan Dyer, Harold Stevenson, and Malphard Weems.
  • Related Website Links: Posted 6933rd RGM Karamursel website
  • Maps: Included 2006 Misawa AB runways diagram and a post-war Army map of the Misawa-Hachinohe Area.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Robert Burling, James Hajek Jr., James James, James Kitchens, Paul Koerner, James Long, William Luker, Arthur Pierce, Barry Precht, Charles Smith, Robert Stewart, Ronald Welch, and Robert Zweben.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Ray Bailey, Christopher Banks, Larry Beckel, Alan Booth, Thomas Cernobyl, Duane Champion, Jerry Chenault, Louis Heddings, David Martin, Arto McGee, David Mills James Mitchell, Lynn Murray, Leroy Nickelson, Jerry Stein, and Robert Szymanski.
    Also posted Johnny Castro, John Drayton, Arnett Edwards, Ronald Edwards, John Wlliston, Vivian Haynes, Richard Huston, Aubrey Jones, James Kalcso, Spencer Kelly, Richard Kincaid, Willie Lesane, James Loper, William Mest, Peter Metcalf, Kerry Mirt, Rafael Monteagudo, James Moore, Curtis Mullen, Edwin Needham, Patricia and Robert Noble (USAFSS marriage), Laverne Owens, Claire Shawles, Moses Smith, Robert Smith, and David Stephenson.
    Converted format from 4 to 6 Fallen Eagles Pages.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Ira Barksdale, Grover Barnett, Morris Bell, Jr., Peter Bibeau, Don Brown, Michael Budrow, James Cannington, Jr., Charles Chapman, Gerald Clemens, Clarence Crawford, Stephen Curtis, Michael Davis, David Dowsland, William Duncan, Edwin Eaton, Harold Fisher, Jr., Larry Fisher, James Francis, Duane Fritz, Raymond Goad, Robert Goderre, Marvin Gravely, Tommy Grayson, Tommy Green, James Hall, Wyman Hardin, James Hudson, Joe Keenan, George Landers, George Mann, Jr., Robert Martin, Milton Matherne, Jr., Lewis Mc Cloud, Carl McAndrews, Vincent Myers, Steven Nagell, Dean Neidhardt, Jr., George Norman, Earnest Norris, David Patterson, Harry Peters, Joseph Rawson, David Robinson, John Rossi, Lawrence Skirko, James Soltesz, John Stevens, David Transue, Daniel Watts, Donald Westemeier, and Samuel Winston, Jr.; Added new photo for Ron Davey.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted 3 new patches: 1965 Misawa Fast Pitch Softball Champs; 1967 Base Fast Pitch Softball Champs; 1966 "200 Club" patch for weight lifters who could bench 200 lbs. or better.

  • Fallen Eagles: Created Tribute Page for Frank Bergin; added new photo of Dean Welch.
  • USAFSS History: Updated the USAF Intelligence History Timeline with the 60th Anniversary Edition of A Continuing Legacy.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added a 6989th track champs patch, 1959, from John Potts.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Alton Coffman, Carl McCown, and David Skoczen.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Joe "Buddy" Dennis, Ed Lohli, and Dennis "Red" Murray.
  • Maps: Included a 1950's era Misawa Area map reported by Jim Clark.
  • Memories/Misawaese: Documented "Clap Shack" and "No Sweat Pills" per Tom Korzeniowski's recollection.

  • Related Website Links: Reinstated the link to the 6989th RSM Wakkanai Website that went off the air following webmaster Frank Bergin's death in July, 2008. Fortunately, the site was resurrected by John Mollard and is once again online.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Winford "Wimp" Gatlin, James LaFollette and Hollis Pendleton.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Wallace McMahon and Hal Zoll.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Paul Nyquist, Rudolph Oldacre, Alvin Ritchie, and Tom Tompkins.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Phil "Flip" Decker and Gordon T. Piner.
  • Maps: Posted a 2007 aerial version of AP Alley with reference points labeled.

  • Related Website Links: Deactivated the link to the 6989th RSM Wakkanai Website (no longer active after Webmaster Frank Bergin's death).

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Frank Bergin, Emryce Stine, and Dallas Swope; included new photo for Ken Bausell.
  • Misawa Images: Posted 9 new 1967 pics for old Static Club album.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Bob Fields, Allan Lavelle, and Richard Spoor.

  • USAFSS History: Added the NSA's 50th Anniversary publication.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Ron Kissell, Ken Morning and Marvin Tettemer.
  • Home page: Added new area titled "USAFSS HISTORY" accessible from the blue sidebar, and populated it with Lackland Decade Series of pamphlets.
  • Related Website Links: Moved USAFSS History Timeline and History of the Shield to new USAFSS HISTORY Page.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Hubert "Peewee" Carignan, Benjamin "Wolf" Gerald, Glenn "Red Eye" Havens, Charles Huttu, James Opalach and John Walczak; Included obit page for Duane Buethe; added new photos for Chuck Spradley & Larry Stein.
  • Maps: Devised an index to scroll directly to each group of maps.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added a 1971 Roll Call photo for T3 (T-13).
  • Navbar: Replaced "Misawa 2002" with "Misawa Images".

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted J. W. Merrell; added new photos and tribute page for Tony Christopher.
  • BX Page: added Chief Babb's latest novel, "Born to be Brothers".

  • Fallen Eagles: Added obituary to Brett Bushelle's name.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted new photo of Brett Bushelle.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added a 6920th ESG T1 Trick Patch from Steve "Kaz" Kaznica.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Wilbert Diggs, William Dimmick, Robert Heyl, Geoffrey Hingstone, and Thomas Smith; included new photo for Jane Gerth.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Posted 1965 link bracelet and 2 Sapporo openers from Granny Welch, two 1966 Sapporo openers from Dan Tholen, and a 1972 pocket opener fashioned from a 100,000 ryo coin from Gohan Price.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Jane Gerth. Converted all dates from "mm/dd/yyyy" to "dd mmm yyyy" format.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Carl Clair, Joe Gaudette, and Steven Motyka.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Carl Dalebout, Wayne Fau, Gary Holtz, Wallace Jewell, and Paul H. Maassen.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Gus Akerson, Auxier Booth, Ben Hendrix, and Ottis Prillaman.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted two new T4 patches from 77-78, submitted by Cheri Merchant Howell.

  • Memories/Misawa Matches: Posted the impressive Granny Welch collection (65-67) that significantly enhances our Virtual Matchbox gallery. Thanks, Granny!

  • Fallen Eagles: Included an obituary page for Paul "Jake" Jacobs.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added David Lane and Roger Woodard; also included new photos for Gary Hutchins and Paul Jacobs, and a new photo and obituary for Gregg "Turk" Taylor.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Thomas Crow, Paul "Jake" Jacobs, and Clinton Mosley.
  • Related Website Links: Added link to website for 6918th SS Hakata, Japan.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Ray Clemons, Ken Diebert, Andy Haumann, Robert W. Johnson, John Minahan, Chuck Omura, Walter Palma, Guy Ruocco, George Taussig, Gregg "Turk" Taylor, and Rex Yarbro; also created a tribute page for Bennie Baucum featuring his recently found "Freedom-Vigilance" ode.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: posted a new T3 rollcall pic from 1967 submitted by Ray Parker.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches: Included new 61-63 matchboxes from Harold Amburn.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added new photos for John Durner, William Little, and Ray Simons.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Posted new T3 roll call photo from November 1966, courtesy Terry White.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Brett Bushelle and Vernon "Buzz" Thissell.
  • Memories/Documents: Posted Jim Boone's Airmen's Club Card from 1961.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches: Included a dozen 1966 additions to our matchbox collection from Granny Welch.

  2008 Changes
  • Fallen Eagles: Added Doug Lyon; posted new photo of Ron Pyszel.
  • Memories/Emblems: Included 1969 JDAP (Joint Development Activity Pacific) patch submitted by Al Jump.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Posted 1952 MPC Nickel and Military issue 1 yen note.
  • Memories/Documents: Added several Misawa Stereo Tape Club documents from Ed Benningfield from the 1960's/1970's.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Gordon Adcock, George Baker, Ottis Donohue, Dale Dubuque, Harry Franke, Peter Gobleck, Samuel Grolmes, Mike Healy, Stanley Hockett, Marhshall Inman, Everett List, Clyde McPhilliamy, John McReynolds, Gary Meredith, Harrison Merritt, Russ Perry, Guy Rumple, Gerald Schuetze, Alvin Stortz, James Stout, and Glenn Varga.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted a Transec patch from 63-64 from Joe Koester.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted George Baker, Mike Healy, Darrell Hunsicker and Max Rodebush.
  • Memories/Stories: Included Joe Koester's tale of marching to the gig.

  • Veterans Page: Posted profile for Dennis "Rass" Rassmussen.

  • Veterans Page: Added profile for Danny Carden.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Lauren "Truck" Hobson.
  • BX Page: relisted 2002 Challenge Coins and Operation Eyesight Lighters as closeout items.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Carl Forrest and Melvin Hamaker; posted new photo for Milt Screws; included tribute page for Terry Taylor.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Quincy Gunter, Paul "Granny" Hinton, and Michael Licata.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Duane Buethe, Harry Haggenmiller, Joe Letchworth, Jay Ollman, Jeffery X. Roderick, Milton Screws, and Terry Taylor.

  • Memories/Emblems: Added T4 Patch used 1974-1975 from Nick Pacura.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Charles Johnson, Freddie Mason, and Charlie Mofield.
  • Memories/Documents: Included a copy of General Orders posted by Sandy Sanderson in 2002.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Leonard Blair, Jimmie D. Eustler; Ron Mowry, and George Oxley.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Steven L. "Sakana" Hughes; Removed Aubrey L. Johnson (found alive in South Carolina!).
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted 1958 T3 Patch from Dave "Animal" Cunningham, and 1980 T1 Patch from Steve "Kaz" Kaznica.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Curtis Adsitt, Vernon Butler, William Daniels, Robert Farnsworth, and Albert Slocheck.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Raymond Bruce and Don Harthcock.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted T1 Spartan Football Patch from 1972, courtest Harry Lawrence.
  • Memories/Documents: Added 1968 Ogawara Power Boat License from George Logan, and Airmen's Club Card from 1971 per Sam Challis.

  • Because a significant number of correspondents were not able to access this site from time to time - apparently due to server blocks - this entire site was ported from 24-7host.com to a new webhosting service in an effort to inprove site availability.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Jerry McGhay and Curtis McKenzie.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted newly found 6921st SG patch from 1971 courtesy Bill Ries.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Posted 1972 T-13 Roll Call from Ken Draper.

  • Home page: Removed link to Baltimore Reunion page.
  • Fallen Eagles: Added James Kobernat.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted 1961 T3 patch from David Hedger.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Joe Popeck and Herb Warman.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted new photos for Charlie Ashton and John Resetar.
  • Veterans Page: Included profile for Paul Duplessis.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted William "Chiisai" Little and Bill Sawaka.
  • Memories/Stories: Added "Nikka Joe" Koester's "Tales of the Green Hornet".
  • Memories/Documents: Included Emergency Action Data Card from 1972 by Rob Price, and several documents from mid-1970's by Maureen Goldberg.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included John "Jack" Cooper; posted new photo for Ronnie Hutchason
  • Memories/Stories: Added Wayne Babb's story, "Home Improvement".

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Bruce Boynton, Phillip "Happy" Lane, and Tom Pendergast; new photos for Aubrey Johnson, Mick Inman, Denny Rissland, Stephen Seymour, and Dean Welch.
  • BX Page: added Chief Babb's new book, "A Tiger by the Tail".
  • Memories/Stories: Added Gene Swearingen's story related to Jean Dixon's earthquake prediction in the early 1960's.
  • Memories/Documents: Included Larry Johnson's 1953 Airmens Club Card and Calendar.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Bryan Kent DeRusha; created tribute page for Royce Lloyd.
  • Maps: Posted Misawa City Map from 1970 courtesy David Stowe.

  • Related Website Links: Restored USAFSS History and History of the Shield documents no longer available from the USAF website.

  • Guestbook: After experiencing more problems and failures than I can count, I finally ported the entire Guestbook function to a new webhost service. I found that webhost technicians were changing CHMOD permissions which would cause the Guestbook to fail and entries made by visitors were unceremoniously dumped.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Paul Cash, Louis Fry, Edmond Goins, Gene Halfmann & James Spencer; included new photos for Bill Copas, BJ Lyden & Monty Montalvo.
  • Maps: Posted new map of Security Hill dated 1960.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added NSG Shoulder Patch courtesy George Logan.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches: Including matchbox from New Tokyo Cabaret from David Stowe.
  • Related Website Links: Added link to TREA (The Retired Enlisted Association, Reunion Calendar).

  2007 Changes
  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Royce Lloyd. Added photo of Terry Tipsword.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Wiley Smith, Terry Tipsword, Gerald Wallace, and Paul Weyandt. Included photos of Alan Jorgensen.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted 2 new T1 Patches and a Straight Days patch from early 60's, courtesy of Bill Wood.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added 1974 porcelain fish net weights and 1975 Lake Towada souvenir letter holder, all belonging to Ed Benningfield.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added photo of Ed Angel courtesy of Bill Wood.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Billy Bellmyer and Robert Oberdorf.
  • Memories/Emblems: Included 1974 Motley Crew Patch.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Posted 1977 Souvenir Ferry Keychain.

  • Homepage/Vets/Base Locator: Modified email logic.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Ron Kaderabek.
  • Maps: Added Shimokita Peninsula map and a revised 511th AC&W Map from Sam Snead.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added John Nordberg and Cecil Talley.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Mark Brunken, Robert Burns, John Cummings, William Hamilton, Alan Jorgensen, Tony Mays, James Phillips, Donald Reifsteck, Bruce Skaug, and Donald Wood; posted new photos of Bill McCreery.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted new T4 Super X patch from 1966 and new T4 Super 2 patch from 1967, both from Randy Heatley.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Included Japanese noren from Towadako (Danny Russell); added a Kokeshi doll and "Fat Man Bank" from RC Cooper.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Posted T4 Roll Call pics from 67 and 69.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Ray Harralson and Arthur "Dave" Henderson.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Edward Angel, Bruce Baker, Paul Lavelle & James Rooney; new photos for Charlie Davis, Larry Lorenco & Robert Massie.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added 2 new T4 trick patches from the 50's from Ken Weston.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Charles Ashton and Richard R. Moore.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Terry Porter and Richard Whitman; included obituary for Hiskell Hill.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added note to BJ Cook from the niece of Colonel Justice.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Tony Courville.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Posted 2 bottle openers from about 1976.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added 1967 roll call photo for T4 from David Stowe.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Earl Rush, Joseph Schwetz, and Raymond Wolk; updated DOD for Art Bissell; posted new photos and tribute page for Jim Kissick authored by Bob Wynn; increased Fallen Eagles listing from 3 to 4 pages
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted 1957 patches from Denny Arnold - T1 Patch, Nippon Beer Patch, T1 Zoom Service Patch
  • Memories/Documents: Included 1953 Misawa Golf Course Scorecard
  • BX Page: Posted link to USAirCombat.com, an online store offering custom license plates and frames, hosted by ex AF pilot Dave Heffernan.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added William Allen, Wilbur Aubrey, Walter Pleger, Ronald Pyszel, and Robert Roe; posted new photo for Hermes Borja.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Ronnie Hutchason, Jim Kissick, and Gilbert Rawlston.
  • Standardized email logos and copyright notices.
  • Maps: Added current points of interest map of Misawa City.

  • Home page: Posted scrolling notice and logo providing info on June's T1 Reunion in Minnesota.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Edward Leeworthy and Robert Lehtonen.
  • Maps: Included Misawa Security Hill map per Google.

  • Home page: Installed new Google-powered search engine.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Doug Bowe, John Clapp, Billy Joe Disbennett, Rudolph Rockwell, Robert Utt, and Garth Wilson.
  • Memories/Emblems: Posted Steve Kelly's Sapporo Beer "Breakfast of Champions" patch from 1961.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Included JN Young's rare 50-Sen note from 1944.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Wayne Diussa, Louie Kanoho, Clyde Okura, and Del Stearns.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added John Alvey's Sapporo Beer "Breakfast of Champions" patch, 3 Dueces and CS Formula patches from 1966.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Dennis Kostanski along with a tribute page by his friend, Larry Maakestad; posted Lt.Col. Nicholas Niezek.
  • Maps: Included Misawa AB map per Google.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Bill McCreery and Denny Rissland per info from David Stowe.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Charlie Hale; added new photos of Bill McCreery, Denny Rissland, and Harry Wilson.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Bill McCreery and Denny Rissland per info from David Stowe.

  • Memories/Collectibles: Added Mike Turner's Asahi Beer and Mitsuya Cider openers from 1968; Bob Mason's 6989th RSM Ashtray; Two 1970 Japanese Dolls from George T. Logan, Jr.; 1974 Tokyo Tower Key Chain from Tom "Grizz" Ochsner; Marv Schroeder's 1959 Ornamental Pipe.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches Page: George Raymer's Collection from the early 1970's

  • Fallen Eagles: Included John Avritt, Donald Bjorseth, Robert Dearborn, Bruce Everhart, Rickey Gilchrist, and John Pap; posted new photo of Mitchell Nutter.
  • Memories/Stories: Added RC Cooper's tale, "The Misawa Magnet".

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Joe Tafolla; included new photos for Larry Lourenco and Cecil Smith.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Tom Meins, Harold Tillman, and Steven Tullis; added new picture or John Resetar.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Included 1970's items posted by Tom "Grizz" Ochsner: Sapporo church key, ginger jar, festival doll, cups from sumo match, and vase from glass factory; Included 3 recepts from Tijuana Pizza from 70's, a USAFSS E&I Team equipment sticker, and a 1974 Santana Tokyo Concert ticket.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added photo and tribute page for Jack McDowell.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Cecil Smith; added new photos of Hank Krasusky, John Resetar, and Ben Respicio.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Robert Massie, Thermon "Jack" McDowell, John Pacheco, and David Wilson; added new photo of Ben Respicio.

  • Memories/Stories: Included Rocky Ferguson's tale, "Bullwinkle's Hat & Colonel Cook".

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Don Fruits and Henry "Hank" Krasusky.
  • Related Website Links: Included link to the 6933rd RGM website, Karamürsel Air Station.

  • Memories/Stories: Posted Doug Lyon's Mad Stamper tale from the early 60's.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Norman Corbois, Loren "Andy" Hatlestad, Henry "Hank" Hemm, Larry Midulla, Benito "Ben" Respicio, and Alesander P.Roncari.
  • Maps: Added Bob Fields' map of 511th AC&W detachments for Northern Japan.
  • Memories/Documents: Posted 1963 motorcycle documents by Ron Kohlin.

  • Memories/Collectibles: Relocated beer/wine labels/coasters from Emblems Page to Collectibles Page; Added Chip Yates' collection of collectibles, including Sapporo coaster, glassware from bars, and fishing floats from Misawa Beach. Included 1971 Operation Eyesight Ticket Stub from CQ Dudkiewicz.
  • Memories/Documents: Added Chip Yates' collection of event tickets and receipts, Misawa bathhouse tickets, and Japanese business cards.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches Page: Posted Chip Yates' collection of matchbooks from all over Japan, from Tokyo to Sapporo. Many are from Misawa and a few from the Alley - some are even exotic.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added T4 roll call pic from 1970 and 3 new T2 roll call photos from 1969.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added James Ali, John Canavan, David Czmowski, Joe Malkovich, and William "Harry" Neighbors; included new photos for Eugene Benevides, Al Brak, CK Davis, and Wayne Buchholz.
  • Memories/Emblems: Included 1964 Multichannel Processing Activity Patch, T1 Patch 57-59, T4 Telethon Song Patch from 1969, and a new 1968 Earthquake Survivor Patch.

  • About This Website Page: Revised Helen's Mission Statement.

  • Veterans Page: Included profile for Bob Fields.

  • Veterans Page: Posted Danny Russell's profile.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Adolph Brak, Jim Grangruth, Milton Lacey, Jr., Bob Newenham, Alfred Terzotis, and John Tonaszuck.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Don Krugmire and Nathan Newhouse; added new pictures of Hermes Borja and Col. Harry Wilson.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Posted new T2 roll call picture from 1969.

  • Home page: Added link to 2006 Colorado Springs Reunion page providing details on this June's reunion.

  2006 Changes
  • Fallen Eagles: Added Jim Butler, John Clinemyer, Patrick Feehan, Aubrey Johnson, Thomas Kelly, and Gary Winters; posted new picture of Walt Dehart.
  • Memories/Emblems: Included Navy Patches from 1968: NSG Hat Patch and Misawa Powerboat Patrol Patch.

  • Home page: Altered the notification criteria for vets to contact Helen.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Walt Dehart, Lawrence Kurschinski, Burton Tienken, and Norman "Wally" Walecka.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Bill Blakely, Jack Cameron SR., Bill Copas, Bill Harwood, Larry Hensley, Col. Arthur Justice Jr., Mitchell Nutter, Charles Purcell, Ray Roberts and Jim Sisson; posted new photos for Ed Erkinger, TJ Hanley III and Col. Leonard Legge.
  • Memories/Emblems: Included T2 patch from 198x; added T2 Block 5 patch; patches for Pistol Club (1960) and R/C Club.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Posted 2 new roll calls for T3: 1971 and 1972.
  • Memories/Misawaese: Documented "blue goose" and "smoker".
  • BX Page: included link to Fred Founteno's new Dusty Trails Glass Etching, a source of USAFSS-branded shot glasses, coffee mugs, and other glass products.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted William Robbins per BJ Cook.

  • Fallen Eagles: New photos of Stu Koch and Arlin Young.
  • Memories/Documents: Added Ed Benningfield's MATS Boarding Pass and Flying Tiger Boarding Ticket from 1965.

  • Fallen Eagles: Posted Ralph Beeson, Stu Koch, and Luther Young.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added William "Bill" Case, Neil "Smitty" Smith, Hermes Borja and Victor "Chat" Chatlos; Finally able to include a photo of Colonel Edgren, thanks to the tireless efforts of BJ Cook; Posted 3 new pictures of Richard Baker from Frank Bergin; included new photo of Mitch Grow.
  • Maps: Map of bases in 1962 Japan + improved versions of 6921st and 6986th area maps provided by Steve Voss; Map of 1967 Japan from Ed Benningfield's post.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Posted 1958 T4 picture from Joe Jones; 1968 T3 Picture from Ray Ivey.
  • Memories/Commanders: Item #5 changed from 6921st RGM to 6921st RSM per Jim Clark's sharp eye and functioning memory.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Issac Young and Dick Brown; posted new photos of Benny Benevides and Gary Simerly.
  • Memories/Emblems: Designer of 1968 T2 patch identified as Johnnie Maya; added Phil Symmonds' 75-78 Baker Bears patch; included Stan Morris' 1959 T3 Roll Callers patch; posted 4 new rod & gun patches from late 50's from Stan Morris.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added chopstick paper from 1970's Old Miyaki's Restaurant and chopsticks from the Royal Restaurant in Misawa, gratis Ed Benningfield.
  • Memories/Documents: Included Al Foster's 1965 Commander's Citation presented to Yellow Jackets Band in recognition of their goodwill trip to Sendai.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches page: Added matchbox from Bar Tsubaki in Misawa, contributed by CQ Dudkiewicz.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Posted 3 new T3 roll photos from 1960 submitted by Tom "Ike" Isaacs; Stan Morris provides the oldest yet known roll call picture for T3 from 1958.
  • BX Page: included Chief Babb's latest endeavor, "North of Knoxville - South of Atlanta".

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Arlin Young who died in 1985.
  • Maps: Included a Hirosaki Tourist Map from 1976.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added a 6920th ESG patch from unknown era.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added 1965 photo of Mitch Grow

  • Fallen Eagles: Added new 1970 photos of Grant Barrus gratis Belva Hoffman Barrus; Included Joe Dean's photo thanks to Gene Frasur; added 1964 photo of Mitch Grow provided by Al Foster.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added T4 patch for unknown era (found on eBay).
  • Memories/Collectibles: Posted Ed Benningfield's 1970's Japanese coins.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Samuel K. Ard and Grant "Sully" Barrus.
  • Fallen Eagles: Due to growing volume, split this into 3 separate pages to enhance response.
  • Home page: Posted link to Chattanooga Reunion Information page and added notice to scrolling news.

  2005 Changes
  • Fallen Eagles: Posted new photo of Terry Newstrom contributed by Mike Walker; posted new photo of Larry Lourenco.
  • Related Website Links: Added status monitor to each related link.

  • Home page: Included realtime status monitor indicating availability of www.usafssinmisawa.org website.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Michael "Mick" Inman as documented by Stan Morris and Lowell Estep.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added ¥1,000 and ¥500 notes from Gary Schenauer.
  • Memories/Misawaese: Documented "Hawk" and "more better".

  • Fallen Eagles: Added John Durner, Jim Fetzner, Ray Hildenbrand, & Steve Slor; included new photos for Glen Haynes and Winston Ezell.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Included 1960 Hokkaido Bear carving.

  • Memories/Emblems: Included John Ferguson's Akadama Wine label.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches page: Added John Ferguson's '56 matchbox collection.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included new photo for Ray Baluh.
  • Memories/Stories: Added Don Howard's heart-warming tale of the Prince Bar.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Lou Anglin; added photo and date for Glen Haynes.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches page: Added 2 new match boxes from C.Q. Dudkiewicz.

  • Veterans Page: Posted Jim Clark's profile.
  • BX Page: Added link to Larry Roberts' USAFSS Store site.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Roger Basham (per Richard Cooper) and Glen Haynes (per Jim Clark); added photos for Gary Simerly and Robert Molstad.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added new roll call pics for 1959 (T2) and 1970 (T3).

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Joseph Wheat.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Posted three T1 roll call pics from 1955 and 1956, provided by Jim Clark. These are the earliest known Misawa Roll Call photos in captivity!

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Gilbert Domingue. Corrected spelling of Larry Benkovich's last name at Wayne Babb's request.
  • Base Locator: Fixed logic bug detected by Royce Lloyd.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added photo for Tom Sellers (courtesy BJ Cook), Ron Myott, and two of Tom Sale. Also included 3 new photos of Tom Mitchell.

  • BX Page: Implemented PayPal payment for many items.

  • Fallen Eagles: Corrected tour dates for Larry Alire (thanks to Duane Bushway).
  • BX Page: Posted SKIVVY NINE! book.
  • Memories/Misawaese: Included term "skate" per Wayne Babb's suggestion.

  • Memories/Emblems: Added Misawa Golf Course Patch from 1974 (per Jodie Cotten).

  • Fallen Eagles: Included photos of Larry Alire submitted by Consuelo Almeida.
  • Maps: Added Misawa AB Gossmer Memorial Golf Course map from Steve Voss.
  • Memories/Emblems: Included 2 new trick patches for the late 80's for T1 and T4.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included Larry Alire and Tom Sellers, both recently deceased. Added a 1972 photo for Chuck Wellner.
  • Maps: Introduced new section containing related maps.

  • Related Website Links: Included 6913th RSM Site, Bremerhaven, Germany.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Bob Golden, included new photos of Tom Mitchell and Wayne Buchholz.
  • Memories/Documents: Added 1990's Gig Slip.

  • BX Page: Added Jim Kaus' online workshop.

  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added new T3 Roll Call pic from October 1961 forwarded by Bob Thom.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Webster Hunt and a photo of Major Worthen (thanks to BJ Cook).

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Brenton Campbell; photo of Ray Simons gratis BJ Cook.
  • Memories/Stories: Added Don Thomas' story about the fate of his Misawa Honda.
  • Memories/Documents: Added Pat Johnston's Gig Slip; Terry Dobrilovic's Basic Status Card; John Ferguson's Thanksgiving & Christmas mess hall menus from 1955.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added William H. Madole, Thomas A. Mitchell, Terry L. Newstrom, and James S. Novy.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added 1979 Sapporo Label.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added 2 sets of Nikka Bears; Y100 and Y1000 notes.
  • Memories/Documents: Added Sapporo Bier Garten Flyer and maps for Misawa City and Lake Towada.

  • Home page: Posted notification of 1st RSM's Sixth Annual Reunion.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added a tribute page for Larry Benkovich at Wayne Babb's request. Also added David Benningfield and John Mankovich.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Wayne "Buck" Buchholz, Joe Dean, and Charles "Chuck" Dugger.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Bill Osborne, Wayne Buchholz, William Garry, and Byron Worthen.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added another Sam Challis' new T3 Roll Call photo from 1970.

  • Reunions: Documented 2nd National Reunion held in Las Vegas

  • BX Page: Added Jim Kaus' Trick Caps.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Harry Jablon & Dick Baker; included photo of Larry Stein and 2 new photos of Art Umscheid (thanks to son, Eric).
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added Sam Challis' new T3 Roll Call photo from 1970.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches page: Added C.Q. Dudkiewicz's matches.
  • BX Page: Added Jim Kaus' Misawans in America Balep and changed mailing address.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Mike Ruffing, Richard Wulff & William Graham; added photo of Bob Powell.

  • Memories/Roll Calls: New T2 Rolnatomically correct" Hachinohe Horse submitted by Steve Kelly.

  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added Buster Donahue's T3 roll call picture from 1968.
  • Memories/Stories: Inserted photo of Hoosier Hillbilly, Arlan Young.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added 1957 Enlisted Beverage Ratio Card submitted by John Ferguson

  • Memories/Collectibles: Included an "anatomically correct" Hachinohe Horse submitted by Steve Kelly.

  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added Buster Donahue's T3 roll call picture from 1968.

  • Homepage: Added a realtime countdown timer to 1600 hours Pacific Time on the 8th of October, 2004 - My moment of retirement.

  • Homepage: Added links to info page for Las Vegas Reunion
  • Reunions: Documented St. Augustine 2004 Mini-reunion
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added 1961 roll call pic for T3 from CJ Fuller
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added 6989th ashtray courtesy of Steve Kelly, 61-64
  • BX Page: Added Tom Roach's "Hobbyist's Guide to COMINT Collection and Analysis" book

  • Homepage: Added links to info page for Las Vegas Reunion
  • Fallen Eagles: Added Stephen "Gabby" Seymour, per Sam Challis. Also added Victor Battaglio per Stan Morris. Added new photo of Russ Tranbarger, forwarded by Ben Whitten, and new photos of Ron Bartlett, Cornelius Depuy, Francis Harp, and Lou Wright from Stan Morris. os of C.K. Davis, Sam Greene, and Dean Welch. Also added a new photo of Gary Hutchins and corrected his date of passing as 1996 rather than 1993 - thanks to daughter Joelle Pederson.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added Misdomain name continue to autoforward to usafssmisawa.com. There were tons of details that needed changing, so please let me know if you find any anomalies that need attending to.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Eugene "Benny" Benevides, Don Gross, Bill Keith, Franklyn Mills, and new photos of C.K. Davis, Sam Greene, and Dean Welch. Also added a new photo of Gary Hutchins and corrected his date of passing as 1996 rather than 1993 - thanks to daughter Joelle Pederson.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added Misdomain names rcycle Club & MCFAJ patches, both from 1963 per Hal Zoll.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added Misawa Misawa Commanders Coin - date unknown.
  • Memories/Documents: Jim Boone submitted his liquor permit from 1961, and a 1952 Customs Tag from Ralph Pittenger.
  • Memories/Memories/Documents: Added a payment receipt from 1963 when JN Young purchased his first stereo in the machi.
  • Memories/Misawaese: Added term "day whore" per Harry Larrabee.

  • Veterans Page: New entry added for an old friend, Jim Boone, who served in Misawa 58-61.

  • Fallen Eagles: Introduced new picture of Dean Welch from 1969; provided by Wayne Babb.
  • Memories/Documents: Added a payment receipt from 1963 when JN Young purchased his first stereo in the machi.
  • Memories/Misawaese: Added term "day whore" per Harry Larrabee.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added 2 new pictures of Sam Green, thanks to BJ Cook and Ben Whitten.

  • Fallen Eagles: Included 1960 picture of Hugh Sherburn; added Dennis Kostanski and B.J. Lyden.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added 6921st SW Day Ladies patch, either 62-70 or 72-76.
  • Memories/Misawaese: Added the acronym GPS, contributed by David Millican who served with the 301st IS from '99 to '01.

  2004 Changes
  • Fallen Eagles/Matejov Tribute: Corrected errors in TEW and SS designations reported by J.C. Wheeler, President, EC-47 Association. Thanks, J.C.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Keith Francis.

  • Fallen Eagles: Happy to remove Farrell T. Stewart from this page - Helen found him alive and well!
  • BX Page: Added Tom Roach's "Cold War Memories of Japan" CD-ROM

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Richard H. Keeling

  • Fallen Eagles: Added William D. Moyers, Lou King, & Curly DuPey, Jr.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added photo of Doc Duffy; corrected spelling of Ray Baluh's last name.

  • Memories/Stories: Added Jack McCombs account documenting his participation in a Misawa Sumo tournament in 1966! Pictures included.

  • Memories/Emblems: Added T2 patch spanning 1970-1972.

  • Memories/Rollcalls: Added new T4 Roll Call picture from December of 1970, contributed by Jimmy Cockrum.

  • Memories/Documents: Added Bill Kull's cover/back page of "When We Get Back Home" book by Hume, companion to "Baby San".

  • Memories/Emblems: Added 2 patches contributed by Steve "Garfunkel" Harris - 1973 T3 Patch and Thirsty 13 Patch from 1973.

  • Global Search Function: Excluded Guestbook from scan to keep email addresses secure.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added 1979 photo of Ron Davey.
  • Global Search Function: Repaired after failure due to recent server crash.

  • Memories/Emblems: Added 2 patches contributed by Robert Gean from 1955 that are true keepsakes. The first is a T1 "Bird Watchers" patch, and the story that goes with it may just define the origin of AP Alley Roll Calls! The second is the only Misawa Casual Status patch that I've ever known to exist. Check 'em out.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added 1960 picture of Ron Davey.

  • Webhost server crashes/server reconfigured/drive data restored. Site Search feature no longer functions correctly.

  • Reunions: Documented FTVA 2003 in San Antonio with latest pictures.

  • Fallen Eagles: Updated information on John Mueller, thanks to David Miller.
  • Website Links: Added link to H.R. "Sam" Snead's Air Force Travels.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Thomas Chevallier, Kenneth Eaton, Jim Duncan, Robert Ellis, John Mueller, Jim Hampton, Hubert Harden, Jim Henry, Arthur Knight, Ed Lewandowski, John Pacheco, Ken Rowley, Cranford St. Augustine, and Perry Thomas.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Elmore Hall (KIA) and James DiFederico.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added Photo Album, Figurines, and Sayonara Cup.

  • Fallen Eagles: Corrected spelling of Hiskell V. Hill (thanks to Dann Hamilton).
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added Wake Island money clip, Japanese porcelain pieces and Japanese picture album.

  • Reunions/Biloxi: Changed all references from Debby Comstock to Debbi Hill (sorry 'bout that!).

  • Memories/Rollcalls: Added T1 rollcall pic from Sept. 1968.

  • Homepage: Converted all contacts to forms, no longer revealing email addresses.
  • Veterans Page: Converted all contacts to forms, no longer revealing email addresses.
  • BX Page: Converted all contacts to forms, no longer revealing email addresses.

  • Homepage: Added SITE SEARCH function.

  • Memories/Stories: Added 3 new stories.

  • Redesigned navigational bar for all pages.
  • Fallen Eagles: Added Fred George and Tony Christopher.
  • Memories/Stories: Added Misawa Stories as a new area.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added several Japanese Dolls.
  • Moved Related Website Links off of homepage and onto its own page accessible from the sidebar menu.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Tom Nicoloff and Hugh Nolan; 2 new photos of Gary Hutchins.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added T1 roll call pic from 1964.
  • Memories/Misawaese: Updated with "PCOD", "denki", and to be "shot down".

  • Reunions/San Antonio: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.
  • Reunions/Florida: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.
  • Reunions/Mid-Atlantic: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.

  • Memories/Collectibles: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.
  • Memories/Documents: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.
  • BX Page: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.

  • Memories/Matchboxes: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.
  • Memories/Matchboxes: Added 13 sheets of match boxes courtesy of Ben Hendrix (acquired from Marv Borgman during Biloxi Raffle).

  • Memories/Emblems: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.

  • All .php pages revised to dynamically construct all headings.

  • All .php pages revised to support global application variables.
  • All top level pages revised to dynamically construct navbars.

  • Fallen Eagles: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.
  • Reunions/Biloxi: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.

  • Home page: Added www.dliflc.org to related links list.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.
  • Veterans Page: Introduced thumbnails to page for better performance.

  • BX Page: Posted price increase for USAFSS patches.

  • Home page: Added Reunion Notice for 511th AC&W Group.
  • Fallen Eagles: Added Pete Waters, Bob Adamina, and Art Brannan.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added new USAFSS patch + AFIC and AIC emblems.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added trio of 1974 yen notes.
  • Memories/Misawaese: added 'chotto matte paper', woofing, and more T1 jargon (special thanks to Jack Brannin).

  • All former links to usafss.4t.com now auto-forward to corresponding www.usafssmisawa.com page.
  • Home page: Changed all links to spawn new window, and updated links to AIA.

  • Ported this site from freeservers.com to linksky.com using our newly registered domain www.usafssmisawa.com . Implemented new guestbook software, converting all old guestbook entries manually. All former webhost sites now autoforward to our new URL.
  • Home page: Added a LinkSky Affiliates Button
  • Veterans Page: Removed all email addresses from profiles.

  • Ported current version of USAFSS Misawa Family website from usafss.4t.com to www.usafssmisawa.com and placed a forward pointer at the old URL. The new webhost offers some advantages over the old one and about the same cost.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Chuck Spradley, Bob Humble, Butch Waite.
  • Reunion/San Antonio page: miscellaneous corrections.
  • BX Page: miscellaneous corrections.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added several T2 patches; Daze patches.

  • Reunion/Biloxi page: Added new pics.

  • Reunion page: Documented 2003 Biloxi Reunion with photos.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Hector Quintanilla, Bob Cline, William Barnhart and Charlie Doster; added pictures of Willie Stacks, Richard Hallinan and Tom Sale.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added 100 Mission Alley patch and Misawa Hawaii Club patches.
  • BX Page: Added new USAFSS patches for sale through Mike Miller!

  • Memories/Emblems: Changed T2 Patch coverage from 68-70 to 68-73.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added Spring 1967 T2 Mini Roll Call, and July 1973 T2 Roll Call.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Nicholas Obzut, Fred Sweetman, Bennie Baucum, Tom Vogt, Haskell Hill.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added USAFSS Beaver Pin, T2 Triple Crown Patch 71-72, 70's T2 Patch.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: added July 1959 for T4.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Richard Dixon.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added T2 patch from 1973.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added oldest known T3 Roll Call pic from 1959.
  • Veterans Page: Revised Joe Finley's profile.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Francis "Hank" Harp.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: added 1960 Roll Call picture for T3 and early 73 for T2.

  • Veterans Page: Joe Finley's profile posted.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Johnnie Martin.
  • Updated Biloxi Reunion information page.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: added several new T4 pics from 1957/1958.

  • Fallen Eagles: Updated information for Roy Kent and Willie Stacks.
  • Pulled Mid-Atlantic reunion poster from home page.
  • Reunions: Continued documenting Washington DC 2003 reunion.
  • Updated Biloxi Reunion information page.

  • Reunions: Documented Washington DC 2003 reunion.
  • Memories/Emblems: Added John Young's Trick 2 patch from 1962.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added photos of Larry Lourenco and Bill Hanna.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Included George Hennis' MPC dime and nickels.
  • Memories/Commanders: Corrected turnover date for Col. Saitta per info from Kim Swearingen.

  • Veterans Page: Added profile for Royce Lloyd.

  • Home page: Included link for USAF Email Locator site.
  • Memories/Emblems: added T1 Article 15 Patch from 1966.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: added many new pics including T4 Roll Call picture from July 1958 (oldest known roll call photo).
  • Memories/Documents: Added Class IV Op Card.

  • Navigation Bar: changed "San Antonio 2002" to "Reunions".
  • Reunions: Documented FTVA 2002 & Florida 2003, and prepared for Washington DC 2003 reunion.

  • Homepage: Added details on Bixoli Reunion.

  • Homepage: Pulled Florida MiniReunion Notice.
  • Memories/Emblems: added T4 Patch from 1959.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Included old Airmen's Club Penguin Lighter.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Perry Thomas; added info on Jim Stehle.
  • Homepage: Added notice for 2003 National Reunion in Biloxi.

  • Homepage: Added notice regarding Mid-Atlantic 2003 MiniReunion.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Col. Chuck Beatie.
  • Memories/Emblems: added Misawa Teen and Youth patches.
  • Memories/Roll Calls: Added new T4 Mini Roll Call picture from 1958.
  • Memories/Misawaese: added 'gig' & updated 'kilt'.

  • Homepage: Add notice regarding St. Augustine 2003 MiniReunion.

  • Fallen Eagles: Added Wm. Hardin, Ron Myott, Mitch Grow, Larry Lourenco, Dick Hallinan.
  • Memories/Emblems page: added 2 new T2 patchs.

  2003 Changes
  • Homepage: Re-activate Heritage Hall link.
  • Fallen Eagles: Added 2 pictures of Larry Benkovich.
  • Memories/Matchboxes: Added to Marv Borgman's collection.

  • Veterans Page: Added profile for BJ Cook.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added entry for Don Pettyjohn.
  • Misawa 2002/Security Hill: included Gene Tate's 1960 map of the Hill.
  • Memories/Documents: added 1961 MAB Welcome Booklet & Standby Inspection Notice.
  • Memories/Collectibles: added Doc Dunn's Rocker Club Lighter.
  • Memories/Misawaese: added 'chimpo' definition.

  • Veterans Page: Added profile for Helen Henderson.

  • Veterans Page: Added profile for Jim Kaus.

  • Misawa 2002/Security Hill: Added John Page's comment to Old Barracks photo.
  • Memories/Documents: Added docs from Gene Tate and Bill Doolittle.
  • Memories/Matchboxes: Put Grizz's matchbox collection online.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added Charles W. Timmons.
  • Memories/Documents: Added Lloyds medley of ID cards and Gene Tate's Omisawa Theater notice.

  • Introduced new "BX" area to promote USAFSS products.
  • Home page: Added a second scrolling window for news.
  • Memories/Misawaese: Added chevrons and updated definition for IHTFP.
  • Memories/Collectibles: Added lighters from Airman's Club/Rocker Club.

  • Modified all pages so that shields and "Misawa Family" header always hotlinks back to home page.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added entry for Denise Bonaventura.

  • Veterans Page: Added profile for Ben Whitten.

  • Home page: Added link for www.usafssinmisawa.org.
  • About This Website page: Entered links for www.usafssinmisawa.org.
  • Veterans Page: Added profile for Wayne Babb.

  • Veterans Page: Added profiles for Frank Bergin and Mike McDonald, and revised page layout.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added Robert Edgren.
  • Memories/Misawaese page: Added definition of "jib wrench".
  • Memories/Documents page: Added Gene Tate's Alley Bar list.
  • Converted webmaster email to admin@usafssmisawa.com.

  • Veterans Page: Added Bill Doolittle's profile.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added Bill "Grunts" Clark.
  • Veterans Page: Added Jodie Cotten's profile.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added General Heatherington; new picture for Ken Bausell.
  • Memories/Collectibles page: Added backs of Static club coins specifying Tricks.
  • Memories/Collectibles page: Added 2002 Heritage Hall Commemorative Coin.
  • Misawa/Heritage Hall page: Improved Heritage Hall coin photos.
  • Memories/Documents page: Added a number of new documents, including Code of Conduct.
  • Memories/Emblems page: Added T1 Football Championship patch for 1967.

  • Veterans Page: Added Lloyd Smrkovski's profile.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added alpha indexing function.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added 1956 photo of Sam Green.
  • Added newly created Veterans page profiling George Binkley.
  • San Antonio 2002 page: Published Bill Doolittle's San Antonio report.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added William Johnston, Terry Kemp, Roy Kent, Bill Miller, Thomas Ross, Larry Stevens, Art Umscheid per BJ's information.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added Lou Wright and Frank Schaal.
  • Memories/Roll Calls page: Added new T2 Roll Call picture from 1960.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added Art Bissell, Jim Brady, Robert Wallace.
  • Memories/Documents page: Added George Hennis' Beverage Ration Book.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches page: Added 4 entries from the Borgman Collection.
  • Memories/Misawa Matches page: Converted all photos to expand to original size when selected.

  • Memories/Machi Matches page: Added 2 new matchbox covers owned by Dave "CQ" Dudkiewicz.
  • Memories/Misawaese page: Added definition for "chi chi".

  • San Antonio 2002 page: Published Wayne Babb's San Antonio report.
  • Memories/Roll Calls page: Added new 1963 T1 roll call photo.
  • Memories/Emblems page: Added 6921st RGM unit patch.
  • Memories/Emblems page: Added logos found in bars.
  • Memories/Documents page: Added several documents from Andy Anderson.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added Sam Green's photo.

  • Memories/Emblems page: Added 2 new T2 patches.

  • Memories/Emblems page: Added several new entries.
  • Memories/Roll Calls page: Added several new entries.
  • Memories/Documents page: Added several new entries.

  • Updated Margaret Daberko's attendee narrative under San Antonio 2002.

  • Homepage: Included coding to add this website to the USAFSS Network Ring of websites. This should increase exposure to locating potential members.

  • Substituted a .gif header (provided by Marv Borgman) for the slower build-on-the-fly header for each page.

  • Joe Matejov tribute page: Added comments from Joe's brother, Stephen; changed fonts for better legibility.
  • Sandy's tribute page: Changed fonts for better legibility.
  • Syntactical changes to Home, Memories, and Fallen Eagles pages.

  • Homepage: Some visitors unable to play Silent Warriors poem. Changed method to spawning new window using autostart=true to initiate poem.
  • Fallen Eagles page: Added pictures of Cols. Les Mellott and Tyler B. Huneycutt.

  • Posted announcement on MyFamily, launching this site.

  • Homepage: Added Russ's reading of Silent Warriors poem.
  • Fallen Eagles page: Added picture of Jim Stehle.
  • Memories: Added Misawa Commanders page.
  • Memories/Misawaese page: No longer new window.
  • Memories/Collectibles page: Added Misawa Challenge Coin.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added picture of George Lundeen.
  • Fallen Eagles page: Added Col. Thomas J. Hanley III.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added picture of JT Heffernan.

  • Homepage: Added scrolling site news banner.

  • Fallen Eagles page: Added Gold Star Flags for Matejov and Sherburn.
  • Fallen Eagles page: Added roses to select tribute pages.
  • Fallen Eagles page: Added William Duffy.
  • Guestbook: Documented limitation on comment length.

  • Made format changes to Memories/Collectibles page.
  • Made format changes to Memories/Documents page and added new documents.
  • Made format changes to Memories/Emblems page and added emblem.
  • Made format changes to Misawa/Heritage Hall page.
  • Made format changes to Misawa/Off Base page.
  • Made format changes to Misawa/Onbase page.
  • Made format changes to Misawa/On Hill page.

  • Made minor changes to "About this website" page.
  • Reworked Memories/Emblems page to optionally view original size of photos.
  • Reworked Memories/Collectibles page to optionally view original size of photos.

  • Updated Fallen Eagles information/photos.
  • Renamed "Artifacts" area to "Memories"
  • Memories page: added Roll Calls as Documents as new categories.

  • Artifacts/Emblems & Patches: Added Karen Rickenbach as designer for T3 Bicentennial Patch.

  • Artifacts page: split matchbooks out of collectibles and gave them their own category.
  • Added more items to Artifacts/Collectibles page.

  • Added Misawa current weather link to homepage.
  • Minor corrections to Matejov tribute page.
  • Minor corrections to Emblems/Patches narrative/pictures.
  • Added more pictures to Collectibles page.

  • Added site change log.

  • Added an Artifacts section to nav bar.
  • Added Misawaese document to Artifacts.
  • Added Emblems & Patches area to Artifacts.
  • Added Collectibles area to Artifacts.

  • Posted tribute page honoring Sgt. Joe Matejov who went down with Baron 52 in 1973.
  • Updated Fallen Eagles page.

  • Updated and reformatted Fallen Eagles page from one to two columns.
  • Reformatted Sandy's tribute page with much additional information and photos.

  • Added primative guestbook functionality to site.
  • Added last-changed date to the bottom of each page.

  • Added counter to bottom of homepage to report visitors.
  • Removed mp3 download from homepage to improve performance.
  • Reworked and reduced size of American Flag background for homepage, improving performance.
  • Updated Fallen Eagles page.

  • Added selected USAFSS links to homepage.
  • Added 51 photos of current (2002) pictures in and around Misawa to the Misawa 2002 segment of the site.
  • Updated Fallen Eagles page.
  • Moved Sandy's tribute page off nav bar; made it (and all futures) a link off his picture on Fallen Eagles page.

  • Relocated website to usafss.4t.com - far better performance.
  • Added About This Website information.
  • Added About the Poem Silent Warriors information.

  • Revised entire website design to more closely match that of MyFamily.com (since this is to be an "extension" to that site).
  • Added navigation bars top and bottom.
  • Framed all table data.
  • Relocated control for music to U-R corner of each page.

  • Added a separate page containing the list of Fallen Eagles based upon information from Helen Henderson.
  • Updated information on Sandy Sanderson's tribute page.
  • Added Margaret Deberko Ganter's pilot page for Misawa 2002.

  • USAFSS Misawa Family website first launched using freewebs.com as web host.
  • No cost and banner-free, but poor performance.
  • Russ Butcher's poem, "Silent Warriors", selected as homepage centerpiece.

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