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USAFSS in Misawa, Japan    
USAFSS maintained a presence in Misawa, Japan, from the early 1950's until October 1979 when the command was redesignated ESC. Our ongoing project is to locate and reconnect the men and women who served there during the USAFSS years, providing a gathering place for all those who carried out the Mission. Here we post our pictures, share our memories, and find old friends. Welcome home!

Freedom Through Vigilance Association    
The Freedom Through Vigilance Association is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to the support and perpetuation of the objectives of the US Air Force and USAF Security Service and its successor Commands, and to the support of social, educational, and humanitarian services.

Misawa AB (.mil) Website    
Military website for Misawa AB, Japan

Misawa (.com) Website    
Commercial website for Misawa, Japan

Misawa - Security Hill    
Pictures of Security Hill, Misawa AB, Japan

Misawa - Heritage Hall    
Project documentation for Security Hill's Heritage Hall, Misawa AB, Japan

USAFSS Roll Call    
Seeking any former member of the United States Air Force Security Service

ESC in Misawa, Japan    
For those who served in the ESC in Misawa, Japan, between 1979 and 1991

The Good Old First Radio Squadron
Officially the 1st Radio Squadron Mobile, or 1st RSM
Note: Bob Humble, a Misawa vet and webmaster of the 1st RSM website,
passed away in 2003 and his site is no longer on the air.

2nd RSM Website    
2nd RSM (Radio Squadron Mobile), US Air Force Security Service, Darmstadt, Germany - 1949 to 1955

15th RSM Website    
15th RSM (Radio Squadron Mobile), US Air Force Security Service, Ashiya, Japan. Their primary mission was signal intelligence in support of combat air operations in Korea by providing tactical control for aircraft of the Far East Air Force Command during the Korean War.

6901st Alumni Site    
Dedicated to all those who served and kept watch against the evil Empire, in the 6901st, Zweibrucken, Germany, USAFSS Europe

6910th Security Group    
The 1950's group who served with the 6910th based at Darmstadt, and later Landsberg am Lech, Germany

6912th RSM    
12th RSM/Landsberg, 6912th RSM/Bingen am Rhein, Det 1 6912th RSM/Landshut, Det 2 6912th RSM/Hof

6913th RSM, Bremerhaven    
6913th RSM, ReActivated (originally the 41st RSM), Bremerhaven, Germany 1951-1968

6918th SS, Hakata, Japan    
6918th Security Squadron, Hakata, Japan

6922nd SG, Clark AB, Philippines    
6922nd Security Group Cobra Den

6924th Heritage Association    
Gateway Website of the 6924th Heritage Association

6927th RSM Onna Point Alumni    
Dedicated to those who served with the 6927th RSM at Onna Point, Okinawa or its predecessor units.

6933rd RGM, Karamürsel AS    
6933rd RGM, Karamürsel Air Station, Turkey, 1960-1961

6937th Communications Group    
This site is dedicated to the memory of the 6937th Communications Group and to all those stationed at Peshawar Air Station, Pakistan

6985th ESS    
Dedicated to those who served with honor & distinction in the 6985th Electronic Security Squadron.

6986th RSM, Wakkanai AS, Japan    
This site is dedicated to the memory of the 6986th RSM, Wakkanai AS, Japan, and to all who were stationed there.
Note: Frank Bergin, a Misawa and Wakkanai vet and webmaster of the 6986th RSM Wakkanai website, passed away in July of 2008 and his site went off the air. Fortunately, the site was resurrected by John Mollard and is once again online.

6987th Alumni Association    
For veterans stationed at Shu Linkou AS during any period up until its closure in 1977.

6987th SG, Shu Lin Kou AS, Taiwan    
Site established by members of Dawg Flight who served at Shu Linkou during 1970-1971.

6994th SS    
Dedicated to those who served in the 6994th in the Southeast-Asian conflict in the 1960's and 1970's.

Berlin Island Association    
BIA is comprised of former members of the USAF Intelligence unit & related ops in Berlin, Germany

Prop Wash Gang    
The Prop Wash Gang is a group of former USAFSS, ESC, AFIC, and current AIA Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) reconnaissance flyers.

Goodfellow AFB Then and Now    
A pictoral history of Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX, spanning early days to the present.

National Vigilance Park    
"National Vigilance Park" and the "Aerial Reconnaissance Memorial" located adjacent to the National Cryptologic Museum near NSA.

DLI Alumni and Friends Community    
Alumni website for those linguists who attended any school of the Defense Language Institute

USAF E-mail Locator    
The unofficial USAF e-mail locator of past, present and retired members.

The Retired Enlisted Association Reunion Calendar for all branches.

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