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Looking for a fellow veteran who was stationed on the Hill in Misawa? Seeking an old roommate - or the guy you used to run the Alley with - or someone who worked on your trick through those long graveyard shifts? Or maybe you're just trying to find someone you went through tech shool or basic training with years ago?

Maybe you can remember a first name, but not the last? Or maybe you only remember a nickname? Or just a part of a name? Or, maybe you just remember a ditty bop on Trick 3 during 1969. That may be all you need remember to find your friend.

Search the Misawa Vets database and see if your buddy's here. You can search by first name, last name, or even by nickname. Or you can search by AFSC, or even by a year or trick number - or by any combination of the above.

Just remember -

  • Any of the following fields may be left blank, but you must fill in at least one.
  • Fill in the LEAST number of fields below for the GREATEST number of hits.
  • None of the name fields are case sensitive.

  • First Name Full/partial name (eg, 'ric' will return 'Richard', 'Patricia', 'Eric', etc)
    Last Name Full/partial name (eg, 'man' will return 'Mansfield', 'Norman', 'Ormand', etc)
    Nickname Full/partial name (eg, 'ed' returns 'Eddie', 'Freddie', 'Red', etc)
    Flight/Trick Select Day Shift or the Flight/Trick that vet served on
    Year (yyyy) yyyy will return those vets who served on the Hill during that year
    AFSC First 3 digits of AFSC (eg, 201, 202, 203, 207, 291, 292, 304, etc)

    Didn't find who you were looking for? New members are added almost daily - check back often and try again.

    Note - If you are a USAFSS Misawa Vet and you would like to give your past friends and comrades the opportunity to contact you, simply logging an entry in our Guestbook will result in your being added o our online database. Your email address is not revealed to those attempting to contact you.

    By the same token, if you find your name in this database and would like it removed, contact the Webhoncho from the blue bar below..

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