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Many of us can easily become lost in the past while looking at a map of the places we roamed so long ago - especially if they happen to be old maps.

This is a collection of maps from past and present eras, relevant to Security Hill, Misawa Air Base, Misawa-shi, and the surrounding areas of Northern Honshu. The island of Hokkaido and Wakkanai AS are also included since many of us either served or traveled there.

Several maps of Japan are also included for reference.

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Japan     Japan     Japan     Japan

Northern Honshu

Hokkaido Grid Maps     Northern Japan     Tohoku 1972     Tohoku 2002     Shimokita Peninsula     Aomori Prefecture
Aomori Prefecture     Lake Towada 1964     Lake Towada 1973

Misawa Area

Misawa-Hachinohe Area
Hachinohe Area,
US Army Map
    Misawa City 1972     Misawa City 1972     Misawa City 2002     Misawa City 2006     Misawa City 2006
AP Alley 2002     AP Alley 2002

Misawa AB

Misawa AB Google     Misawa AB 1972     Misawa AB N 2002     Misawa AB S 2002     Misawa AB S 2002     Misawa AB S 2002

Security Hill

Misawa Security Hill Google     Security Hill 1959     Security Hill 1960     Security Hill 1960     Security Hill 1962     Security Hill 1962


Hokkaido Grid Maps     Hokkaido     Northern Japan     Northern Japan     Wakkanai AS 1962

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