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Memories / Misawa Snowfall

Whenever Misawa vets gather and swap war stories, one topic of conversation that always comes to the surface is how much snow fell in Misawa and when.

Well, as it turns out, all those tall tales about the "Winter of 1959-1960" were actually true! January 1960 had 117.1 inches - the most snow EVER recorded for a single month in Misawa! And, the winter of 1959-1960, with 206 inches, was in fact the snowiest winter of any of the USAFSS years. Not until the winter of 1983-1984 was that record bested by the all-time record of 239.4 inches.

Shown below is the official Misawa Air Base Snowfall data presented by year and by month from 1948 through Spring of 2009. This 60-winter compilation was provided by the 350SS Weather Flight, and should solve most any argument over "who got the most" (snow, that is).

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