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Memories / Misawa Stories

The history of the intelligence effort in Misawa has now passed the 50-year mark, and that half century of GI's in Misawa has spawned countless stories, experiences, impressions, anecdotes, and even legends that are told and retold down through the years. A few of those are captured here and, while some may be totally new to you, others will cause you to nod your head in agreement. Or, they may serve as "the rest of the story" for events with which you were only vaguely familiar - or perhaps had forgotten altogether.

As you read through this collection, keep in mind that some accounts are very old and may not be entirely accurate owing to fading or faulty memories (aka CRS), incidental or intentional embellishments, and just plain old repetition. Conversely, other stories are related first-hand and are from recollections as strong and vivid as if they happened only yesterday. Your challenge is to determine which are which.


Blowing Smoke - The Lt. Langer StoryPaul Johnson
Bullwinkle's Hat & Colonel CookRocky Ferguson
The Bus RideThomas 'GRIZZ' Ochsner
Captains Drove CadillacsRon Krebs
Codeword CompromiseRay B Ivey
David and Giant MiG-15David Armstrong
First Impressions of Japan and MisawaDick Baumgartel
First Ops Powder RoomSmiley Garrett
1st RSM Moves to MisawaRalph Pittenger
FudgeLaxDon Howard
Fun Run and Trivial PursuitsEd White
The Green HornetJoe Koester
Home ImprovementWayne Babb
Hoosier Hillbilly Hits the HillSteve Voss
Hut, Two, Three - Fore!Joe Koester
Last Minute Christmas TreeWayne Babb
The Mad StamperDoug Lyon
MC-88 MouseJack Jakoubek
The Misawa MagnetRichard 'RC' Cooper
Misguided CrotchingJanelle Tucker (Stokes)
The Missing HondaDon Thomas
No Big ThingRoyce Lloyd
One Stop Short of HomeDutch Wiest
Operation EyesightJohn Sinnard
The PredictionGene Swearingen
 Remembrances of the 1968 Misawa EarthquakeRobert Harris
Rock HockOly Harrison
Saga of the Tootsie Roll PopsWayne Babb
A Summer DayEd White
Tailed GeneralEd Weidig
Tall Water ReedJack McCombs
What If ... ?Jim Alverson
Your Other LeftRay B Ivey

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