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Misawa Memories

As we served through the years, stateside or abroad, airborne or chairborne, we each adopted any number of items, sights, sounds and events that became integrated into our daily lives and were allowed to become a part of who we were then ... and thus, a part of who we are today.

This collection is intended to reflect the time you spent in Misawa. While you may not immediately remember or recognize all of what you see here, at least some of it should give you cause to smile or even send your mind suddenly back across the decades, remembering what you thought was forgotten forever.

Select a category below and click its icon. Your memory may just surprise you.

Misawa Stories    Misawa Stories ~ Stories, impressions, anecdotes and legends from Northern Japan

T3 Patch 76    Emblems & Patches ~ Unit patches, trick patches, sports patches, pins, labels, etc.

6921 Ashtray 62-65    Collectibles ~ Lighters, church keys, foreign currency, ashtrays, etc.

Misawa Drivers License    Documents ~ Club cards, yen conversion charts, process-in sheets, lift tickets, etc.

Early 60's Matchbox    Machi Matches ~ Matchbooks/matchboxes, mostly from Northern Japan ~ many from AP Alley.

Misawa Shi    Misawaese ~ Words and phrases from Misawa (GI-speak) that you hadn't thought about in years.

Bird Colonel    Hill Commanders ~ A list of 1st Echelon Security Hill Commanders from the beginning.

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