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USAFSS Sites, World Map

Formed 20 October 1948, the USAF Security Service (USAFSS) established a number of sites globally to perform its mission. The world map below contains placemarkers, each representing a location where USAFSS was operational during some period of time between October 1948 and August 1979 when USAFSS was redesignated the ESC (Electronic Security Command).

To view other areas of the globe, position your cursor over any part of the map, then click, hold and drag the map to the location you wish to see. You may double left click on any area of the map to zoom in, double right click to zoom out, or click the plus/minus symbols in the upper left corner to zoom in/out. Clicking on any placemarker will reveal the location name, any associated unit designations, and the years they were operational, if known.

Data used to create this map was extracted primarily from the USAFSS Units document developed and maintained by Red Barthel.

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So, can you find the units where you were stationed? Zoom in and check them out, one by one. And, don't forget - USAFSS maintained sites in CONUS, too. If you find any errors, please feel free to email your specific corrections to Webhoncho.

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