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Misawa Veteran Profiles
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Wayne Babb
Misawa 1962-1963, 1966-1969

Began my AF career at Lackland AFB, TX in Apr 1961 as an Airman Basic & retired in Mar 1992 as a Chief Master Sergeant about a mile up the road at Electronic Security Command (ESC) HQ, Kelly AFB, TX.
Wayne 1962
Static Club
Wayne 1962
A lot happened in between. My career was almost equally divided, with about 15 years in the intelligence business and a little over 14 years in the field of education and training.

As a SIGINT analyst, served 2 tours at Misawa, Japan; one at Wakkanai, Japan; San Vito, Italy; Ramasun Station, Thailand; Iraklion AS, Greece; Osan AB, Korea; and two at HQ ESC, Kelly AFB, TX. Jobs included Day Shop Analyst, Product Reporter, Advisory Support Analyst, 3 different stints as S&W Supervisor, member of the Command Inspector General Team, and Director of the Command Alert Center.

SSgt. Babb 1967
SSgt. Babb 1967
In the education and training business, had 7 years as instructor and curriculum developer at the SIGINT Analysis School, Goodfellow AFB, TX; 3 years as instructor and Comm Skills Dept. branch chief at USAF Sr. NCO Academy, Gunter AFS, AL; and almost 5 years as Superintendent of Training for ESC.

After AF retirement, spent 8 years in Washington, DC area as a "Beltway Bandit" with the consulting firm Booz-Allen & Hamilton. Worked on training projects for the Air Force, Navy, DIA, National Reconnaissance Office, NSA and CIA.

Retired from retirement in December 2000 and returned to the place I left 40 years before - Chattanooga, TN.

Wayne 2002
Wayne 2002
Have been fully retired since then, but keep up with the training business as an adjunct instructor with Chattanooga State Community College.

My two tours at Misawa were two of the best I had. The first was as a 21-year old out of tech school who concentrated on drinking whiskey, chasing women, and not much more. The second was as a newlywed concerned with making sure we had a roof over our heads and grub on the table, career advancement, and starting a family. It was like two tours to totally different places, but both were big time fun!

[0007 11/3/2002]
George R. Binkley
Misawa   1962-64, 1972-76

George, 1963
George 1963
Served tours in Pakistan, Germany, San Antonio, and Osan. Retired from USAF in 1983. Civil Service since 1985 [Security Hill 1985-1994, Nuclear Weapons Dir. 1994-99, Tinker AFB, OK 1999-present].
George, 2002
George 2002

Married 1970, divorced 1988 (presently single). One son, 3 daughters, 9 grandkids, 2 great grandkids. Now living in Oklahoma City, OK. Live alone except for 1 dog, 1 cat, and a couple fish.

Hobbies: Most sports, but don't play anymore (love NASCAR).

[0001 10/23/2002]
Jim Boone
Misawa, 6989th RSM
November 1958 - February 1961, Trick 3

I shipped to Misawa directly from T/A (202) Tech School at March AFB, California in late 1958.
Jim 1958
Jim Boone 1958
Misawa Hill Barracks
I was assigned to Trick 3 as a 202 and worked for B.J. Cook, Frank Dover, Ron Bartlett, and a Sgt. Johnson (can't remember his first name). I was reassigned to Daze shortly before my tour there ended.

I drank lots of coffee from the little shack outside the compound, and ate a lot of 50 pizzas from the golf club. I also drank a lot of Kirin and Nippon at the Stand Bar in AP Alley.

Jim in Machi
Jim and friend
Misawa's AP Alley
And, although I was not personally acquainted with "Shades", a lot of my "friends" were.

I can remember the little signs in the compound reading, "It takes U and I to make security" and "What you see here, what you hear here, what you do here, stays here when you leave here".

I was also a charter member of the "Rollin Rebels" bowling team.

Jim's Sayonara Party
Jim's Sayonara Party 1961

When I left Misawa in February of 1961, I was reassigned to San Vito, Italy, where I served an 18-month tour before returning to McGuire AFB for discharge.

Following separation from the Air Force, I attended M.I.T. (that trade school) in Cambridge, Massachusetts for almost two years. After savings ran out, I returned South to seek employment.

I worked a short while as a telegrapher/station agent for Southern Railways, and as a telegrapher for Western Union. After

Linda & Jim 2003
Linda & Jim Boone, 2003
37th Wedding Anniversary
completing college, I began working as an electrical inspector, then Chief Electrical Inspector, and finally as Chief Building Official for a local county government. I retired from that position in 1995 at the ripe old age of 55.

My wife Linda and I currently reside in Sugar Hill, Georgia. I still stay in loose contact with several of my Misawa friends, and hopefully can make one of the future reunions.

Also, I remain a semi-active ham radio operator holding an "extra" class license, and can be found sometimes on the 20-meter extra class CW frequencies. My callsign
is KF4ALV // bt

[0014 1/24/2004]
Danny Carden
Misawa, Trick 3
August 1968 - August 1970

I was born and raised in Alabama but traveled all over due to my step-father being in heavy construction.
Danny Carden, Basic, 1967
Danny Carden
Basic, 1967
I lived mostly in Vincent, and attended Vincent High until 1967.

I joined the Air Force and shipped out from Montgonery, Alabama to Amarillo, Texas for basic training. Then off to diddy bop school at Keesler, where I got to strip and wax radar site floors for three months waiting for my clearance.

I was assigned to the 6921st Security Group, and later the 6921 Security Wing, from Aug 1968 Aug 1970, all on Charlie Flight in the Super Zoo serving under Big Al Buddington.

After Misawa, I returned to Security Hill at Kelly AFB and worked in the Command Post for about six months.

Danny Carden, Japan, 1969
Danny Carden
Japan, 1969
I was told to "Either get out or cross train - you be in an overage." So, it was off to Goodbuddy to become a 202 type. It was there I met my future wife, Betty Gallant.

From Goodfellow, it was on to the 6950th in jolly ol Chicksands where I gave the wife a five year honeymoon. After Chix, we returned to Security Hill for another five years in the Command Post/Alert Center.

Three assignments to Hawaii were cancelled for one reason or another. So, I put in for the 6931st in sunny Crete for three years and nice TDY to Riyad, Saudi Arabia. Then back again to Security Hill for three years, one of which was in the Alert Center, but others were in the IN shop.

Since I was getting close to retirement, it was off to Skivvy Nine, the 6903rd and the "Land of the Morning Calm",

Danny Carden, Mexico, 2006
Danny Carden
Mexico, 2006
for a year, thank you very much. Finally, I returned once again to Security Hill (and something to do with "Blue" aircraft - ye spend 19 years working Migs & Bears and they make ye start over - sigh!) and retirement from the Air Force.

Because Id spent most of my time in San Antonio, this is where I "retired" the first time. I'm now working on the 2nd retirement: I've been with Civil Service for 19 years working in systems at Wilford Hall on Lackland AFB, and will be retiring Oct 2008. I have 5 acres just south of San Antonio and big plans for landscaping it.

[0019 10/30/2007]
Robert "Bob" Cichocki
Misawa, 6921st
April 1966 - May 1968

I served with the 6921st from April 1966
Bob with school kids
Bob with school kids
to May 1968 as a 202/203. To learn Japanese, I volunteered to teach English at Shichinohe Junior High School. It was an experience that taught me as much about them as they learned from me.

After four years of service, I held several interesting jobs - a flight dispatcher for an international charter airline,

Misawa 1967
Misawa 1967
and an assistant curator in a natural history museum. But in 1975 my world turned upside down: I suffered a stroke and spent 13 years in mental, physical and vocational rehabilitation. But I continued my education and earned a graduate degree in psychology/ sociology at age 45. I have since taught students at all levels from elementary to post graduate.

I have volunteered in the disability community since 1979 on local, state {Governor's Committee) and national (President Clinton's Committee) levels.

Bob today
Bob today
My work was recognized and rewarded in 1998 by the late disabilities activist, Justin Dart, Jr. (see attached).

Although I am now retired, many people have helped me over the years, and so I have a moral obligation to help others in return. I offer my services to anyone who can benefit from them: disability resources; creative writing; editing and proofreading academic papers, fiction, novels; research assistance; setting education goals.

[0023 01/31/2011]
Jim Clark
Misawa, 6921st RSM
July 1955 - July 1957, Trick 1

Enlisted in the Air Force in August of 1954. Having completed basic training at Sampson AFB in Central New York State,
Jim 1955
Jim 1955
I went through Intercept Radio School at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi - Class 17114.

My first overseas assignment was the 6921st RSM in Misawa, Japan, from June 1955 to June 1957 as a member of Trick 1. My following assignment was to Trabazon, Turkey, for a one-year tour.

Reenlisted in June 1958 for a tour at the 6922nd RSM, Ashiya, Japan. We later closed down the "Double Deuce" and moved bag and baggage to the 6918th RSM at Brady AS, Japan.

Jim 1955
Jim 1955
Hill Theater Walkway
Was reassigned to Keesler in June 1960 and instructed several classes. I worked in Measurement and Evaluation the following three years.

Returned to the 6918th RSM at Brady AS, Japan, in May 1964. It was there I married Tachiyo Kawahara in December 1965, retained my clearance, and was reassigned to Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, Texas. I was there only a couple of months before volunteering for Vietnam.

Jim 2004
Jim Clark Today
Arrived at Nha Trang, Det 1, 6994th in August 1966 and flew 113 missions. I was then assigned to the 6987th RSM at Shu Lin Kou AS, Taiwan, Charlie Flight, from August 1967 to 1969, then my luck ran out.

I was reassigned out of command and was retrained as a 291X0 (teletype) at Barksdale AFB, Lousiana. Following several other assignments, I retired February 1975.

Spent the next 21 years in Civil Service here at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, and hung it all up in 1996. Following 33 years of marriage, my wife, Tachiyo, died in 1998.

I am now fully, completely, and finally retired. I have one daughter, Jina, and four grandkids - Madison, Kennedy, Harrison, and Taylor. I enjoy traveling, country dancing, and a little fishing.

[0015 11/17/2004]
Bobby J. "BJ" Cook
Misawa   Jan 1959 - Nov 1963,   May 1972 - Nov 1975

I enlisted February 23rd, 1949, when the US Air Force
BJ Cook 1960
BJ Cook 1960
was less than 2 years old, and attended 13 weeks of Basic Training at Sheppard AFB, TX.

My first tech school (clerical) was at F.E. Warren AFB in Wyoming, and my first assignment with USAFSS was the 8th RSM at Brooks AFB, TX in October of 1949. I remained in USAF Security Service until retirement in 1976. Assignments were: Langley AFB, VA - Elmendorf AFB, AK - Kelly AFB, TX -

BJ Cook 1961
BJ Cook 1961
Shiroi AB, Japan - March AFB, CA (202 retraining) - DaNang AB, South VietNam - Misawa AB, Japan - Karamursel, Turkey - Shu Lin Kou AS, Taiwan - and Homestead AFB, FL where I retired.

I worked 9 years as an Administrative/ Personnel Technician. I served as TE Controller/S&W Supervisor in each base following retrining.

In February of 1963, while stationed in Misawa, I married Tomiko, a beautiful

BJ Cook 2000
BJ Cook 2000
Japanese girl. I lost my security clearance until PCS in November of 1963. During that time, I served as Assistant to the First Sergeant.

Civilian employment following AF retirement: 2 years as Asst. Manager at Burger King; 1 year as Asst. Manager of Officers Club at Jacksonville NAS, FL; 11 years as Security Guard (rent-a-cop) at Eglin AFB Radar Site.

We have two grown daughters. One has two children (a boy and a girl); the other

BJ & Tomi 2002
BJ & Tomiko 2002
has no children - she is married to a professional wrestler (Buff Bagwell).

I'm now fully retired. I play golf, drink beer (Oly & Millers), "mozedelawn"
[BJ-ese for yard work], and assist in local functions which contribute to charity organizations. My current goal is to be a "whiz" on my computer and not have to bug folks for help.

[0011 12/04/2002]
Joseph H. "Jodie" Cotten, Jr.
Misawa, May 1971 - May 1974
as an X1 on Trick One

Jodie and Suzanne today
Jodie & Suzanne today

Married in July 1973. Have 3 grown children, daughter 26, two sons - age 23 and 21, all living in Louisiana.

Jodie 1971
Jodie 1971

My wife and I live in New Roads, LA. I am manager of an Electric Cooperative that serves three parishes (www.pcemc.org).

Love dove and duck hunting. Also play a little golf.

[0003 10/28/2002]
Bill Doolittle
Misawa 1959-61, 1962-65, 1974-77

2/57-4/57: Lackland AFB - Basic 4/57-1/58: Ft. Fisher AFS, NC (Air Defense Command)
Bill 1957
Bill 1957
1/58-9/58: Nouesseur AB, Morocco (Military Air Transport Command). Reason for short tour: transferred to France to open new wing headquarters moving down from Scotland. 9/58-1/59: Chateroux AB, France (Military Air Transport Command) 1/59-8/59: Kunsan AB, Korea (Airways & Air Communications Service) 8/59-9/61: Misawa AB, Japan (Airways & Air Communications Service)
Bill 1964
Bill 1964
9/61-11/62: Charleston AFB, SC (Military Air Transport Command). TDY 6 months on Congo Airlift & to Florida for Cuban missile crisis. 11/62-7/65: Misawa AB, Japan (USAFSS) 7/65-5/67: Goodfellow AFB, TX (USAFSS) 5/67-7/68: Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam (USAFSS) 7/68-8/69: Lackland AFB (Medina), TX (USAFSS) 8/69-11/71: Keesler AFB, MS (Air Training Command)
Bill today
Bill today
11/71-5/73: Clark AB, PI (PACAF). Worked Operation Homecoming as POW's left Vietnam. 5/73-8/74: Moody AFB, GA (Air Training Command) 8/74-12/74: Tianan AB, Taiwan (PACAF). Base closed shortly after arrival. 12/74-6/77: Misawa AB, Japan (PACAF). Retired July, 1977.

During my final tour at Misawa, I met and married wife Jane in June 1976 (Jane Wieden at the time was an X1 on Charlie Flight). Since retirement, have been General Manager for auto dealership, Independent Insurance Agent, & worked short time for AT&T as Supervisor in Information Services. I am now fully retired & spoiling the grandkids.

[0004 10/29/2002]
Paul Duplessis
Misawa / Henashi Saki / Wakkanai

Paul Duplessis
Paul Duplessis
Upon high school graduation in 1952, Paul enlisted in the Air Force. Following basic training at Sampson AFB, NY in 1953, he volunteered to attend Radar Fundamentals at Keesler AFB, MS. While at Keesler, he applied for AF Aviation Cadet Training. Immediately following radar training at Keesler, Paul moved on to Harlingen AFB, TX, where he completed Primary Air Training. He then returned to Keesler to attend the
2Lt. Duplessis, 1954
2nd Lt. Paul Duplessis, 1954
Airborne Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) Course and received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in Jan 1954 with the aeronautical rating of Aircraft Observer (ECM). Upon completing flight training as an ECM officer, he was assigned to HQ USAFSS in San Antonio for indoctrination as an ELINT officer, and was then assigned to 1st RSM at Misawa AB, Japan.

While at Misawa, Paul flew such aircraft as the C-47, C-119, L-20 and B-26C, logging

1Lt. Duplessis, 1955
1st Lt. Paul Duplessis, 1955
enough air time to stay on flight status. The most productive missions were flying B-26 photo recon of foreign national ships that passed through the Tsugaru Strait between Honshu and Hokkaido. Occasionally, the pilot he flew with was Major Bill Madole, C.O. of the 6921st RSM. Paul additionally served as pay officer, courier officer, and security violation investifative officer in support of remote sites Det 1 and Det 3 or Hokkaido.

In August 1955, he was reassigned as Commander,

Wakkanai, 1955
Wakkanai, 1955
Det 4, 6921st RSM, a 15-man test team located at the remote site of Henashi Saki on the northwest coast of Honshu. By October of that year, the site was closed because an inspection which determined the troop housing was uninhabitable during winter weather. By October 1955, Paul was reassigned to Det 2 at Wakkanai AS on Northern Hokkaido.

In November 1956, he was assigned to TAC at Shaw AFB, SC, where he spent the next 10 years serving in an array of positions including combat crew member, senior instructor in the 9th TRS, and Chief Stan/Eval EWO for the 363rd TRW.

Colonel Duplessis, 1974
Colonel Paul Duplessis, 1974

In June 1965, Captain Duplessis left Shaw AFB for Takhli Royal Thai AFB (RTAFB), Thailand. Within the eight months that followed, Paul would not only complete his 100th combat mission over North Vietnam in E/R/W/B-66 aircraft, but would also be promoted to the rank of major.

He later served 4 years on DirNSA's R&D Staff at Fort Meade, MD, and another 3 years as Deputy NSA Representative at Camp Zama, Japan. Paul retired from the Air Force in December 1980 with the rank of Colonel.

[0018 05/28/2007]
Helen J. Henderson
Misawa, September 1973 - March 1975, T3

I enlisted in the AF in Jacksonville, FL, and was off to San Antonio in March 1972.
Helen Henderson Then.jpg
Helen Then
When my career choices were offered, language school seemed a little more interesting than the other jobs available to WAFs at that time. I spend 9 months in Monterey, CA, at the Defense Language Institute, West Coast (DLIWC) where I graduated in March 1973 at the bottom of my class (apptitude is one thing, ability is another!). Attended tech school at Goodfellow in San Angelo, TX, where I picked up a pink cowboy hat. When it came time to choose where I wanted to go,
Helen Henderson 2002 Hat.jpg
Helen 2002

I picked Misawa. To insure there was good karma, I went to the assignment briefing with chopsticks in my military purse. I arrived in Misawa, Japan, in September 1973, in time to celebrate my 24th birthday. After 18 months, there was a plethora of 203s, coupled with a downsizing, so I was offered, and took, an early out. Pretty short career, huh?

The next chunk of my life was spent in Minnesota

Helen Henderson 2002 a.jpg
Helen 2002
as a wife and mother (a girl and a boy), with jobs of varying durations as manager of a Community Club, co-owner and operator of a restaurant, employee of a dry cleaner, home typist for the Young America Corporation, period interpreter at an historic restoration project, and 12 years as a corrections officer with a county jail in Minnesota.

I'm currently back home in Florida, divorced and managing rental apartments. I was challenged in September 2000 to

Helen Henderson 2002 b.jpg
Helen "on the gig"
"find a few people who were with us on T3 in Misawa." I decided not to be "snobbish" and opened the search to anyone who had been in the USAF Security Service in Misawa. Little did I know that the history of Misawa stretches from the early 1950's to the current day!
[0010 11/24/2002]
Jim Kaus
Misawa    1958-1960 [T2]    1971-1973 [T3]

Served two tours in Misawa: the first on Trick Two from 1958 to 1960,
Jim Kaus Then
Jim Kaus Then
and the second as a member of Trick Three from 1971 to 1973.

I coached fast pitch softball for Trick Three during my second tour. Other assignments included Anchorage, Alaska; Shemya, Alaska; Bremerhaven, Germany;

Jim Kaus Now.jpg
Jim Kaus Now

Goodfellow AFB, Texas, Medina, Texas, and San Vito, Italy.

I retired in Anchorage in 1981. My hobbies include most sports, but now mainly Largemouth Bass fishing here in Florida. My recent employment (over the last 15 years) has been writing technical materials for the government.

[0009 11/22/2002]
Tom Korzeniowski
Misawa, July 1955 - July 1959

After basic training at Sampson AFB, NY, from Aug. 17, 1954 to mid-November, and a 7 month hiatus at Eglin AFB, FL, with the 3205th Drone Group at Duke Aux. Field #3 (the last operational B-17 unit in the USAF), I was reassigned to the 6921st RSM at Misawa, Japan, as a clerk typist in July 1955.
Tom in a park in town
Tom listening to FEN in a park in town
After sailing the Pacific aboard the U.S.S. Gen. Anderson, I remember being awestruck by the damage of WWII still evident around Tokyo.

When my security clearance finally came through, I was made crypto accountant in the Comm Center at the Misawa compound. Locked behind a cage, I was charged with the responsibility of tracking literally hundreds - if not thousands - of cryptologic machines, keylists, code books, firearms, thermal grenades, etc.

Toshie & Tom Korzeniowski
Toshie & Tom Korzeniowski
During a trip to Tokyo Army Hospital in 1957 to get a broken nose repaired (childhood injury, not a bar fight), I met Toshie and we were married in a Japanese ceremony in September of that year. Of course, I lost my security clearance, but Far East Network had just opened a radio station on main base and Toshie encouraged me to audition. Facing a future of typing stock records at base supply (non-sensitive position), I followed her advice and was accepted, beginning a career that I'm still engaged in a half-century later.
Tom on duty at FEN
Tom's Ipana smile ... and hair
Some of the very talented FEN personalities of that era with whom I was privileged to work were Joe Popielarski (1934-2005), Dave Abernathy, Tom Shaw, Dave Levine and Tom Quinn.

I rotated in 1959 and spent a year at Chanute AFB, IL, publishing the WINGS base newspaper, then got a humanitarian reassignment in 1960 to return to FEN Tokyo to take care of Toshie's young brother and sisters in Tokyo who were under age and orphaned after their father died. I left the service in 1963 for one year, then reenlisted to return to FEN Tokyo, where I remained until discharged in June 1968.

Tom Korzeniowski, July 2009
Tom Korzeniowski, July 2009

I continued my college education at the University of Michigan, and worked in radio and TV in Detroit and Chicago. Along the way I earned an MBA, made a few movies and am currently a Screen Actors Guild member.

Toshie and I live outside Chicago where I'm semi-retired, hunt deer, ride my motorcycle, keep up seven acres of property, and wait for phone calls from my agent.

[0021 08/20/2009]
Michael D. McDonald
Misawa, 6989th RSM
April 1962 - May 1964
202 on T-1

Served other USAFSS tours in Berlin and RAF Orfordness.
Mike 1962
Mike 1962
After USAFSS, I worked in Purchasing & Contracting with two tours at McConnell AFB, KS (SAC); Incirlik AB,
Mike 1963
Mike 1963
Turkey (USAFE); and Los Angeles AFS (AF Systems Command). Retired from the USAF in 1987.

Worked Contract Administration

Mike 2002
Mike 2002
in the civilian sector until retirement in 1995.

Married 28 years, have a daughter and two grandsons. Legal residency in Texas and spend part of the year in Kansas.

Hobbies are golf, watching college sports and pro football.

[0006 11/2/2002]
Dennis "Rass" Rassmussen
Misawa, 1969-1971, 1988-1991

The youngest of seven sons, "Rass", as he prefers to be called, was born August 14, 1940 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. He attended Our Lady of the Ozarks preparatory seminary in
Rass & Bendinelli, 1978
Rass & Bendinelli, 1978
Carthage, Missouri, from 1953 to 1960 where he received an associate's degree in liberal arts.

After basic at Lackland in 1963, he attended Korean Language School at the Presidio of Monterey, CA before going on to Goodfellow for language and analysis training. He found a niche in reporting while at the Joint Service Processing Center at Torii Okinawa from '65-67. Follow-on Japan assignments at Hakata and Misawa sealed his fate, where he met and married his wife of 37 years, Tatsuko.

Wayne Babb & Rass, Misawa, 1990
Wayne Babb & Rass, 1990
Ras spent two tours at Misawa, Japan. During 1969-1971 he worked as an analyst in the ID Section, and later returned 1988-1991 as the 6920th ESG Superintendent of Operations. He continued serving in the Far East with tours to Osan, ROK, Kadena, Ja and Clark, P.I. before returning to Goodfellow from '75-81 as an instructor, first in the analysis training branch and then at the USAFSS NCO Academy. After a tour to San Vito, Italy, Rass returned to the (then) ESC NCO Academy as Director of Education. He later transferred to the Tech Training Group at Goodfellow after his promotion to CMSgt in 1985.
Rass, Tats, Ken, Lane, 2002
Rass, Tats, Ken, Lane, 2002

During his enlistment, Rass received a Bachelor of Arts degree in classical languages from St. Thomas College, St. Paul, MN, in 1971, and a Masters degree in Public Administration from Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX, in 1981. He was selected as the 1980 Headquarters USAFSS/ESC Senior NCO of the year, was a distinguished graduate of the USAF Senior NCO Academy in 1983, and his name was formally inscribed on the Goodfellow Technical Training Group's Honor Roll in July, 1989.

CMSgt. Rassmussen retired in September, 1992 as Superintendant of Cryptologic Training

Tats & Rass, 2004
Tats & Rass, 2004
for HQ Air Intelligence Agency after 29 years of distinguished service. Sixteen years of his career were spent in eight overseas assignments.

Following separation, Rass joined Command Technologies, Inc., San Angelo, TX, a firm specializing in computer-based training and courseware development. He retired for good in March, 2001 as Department Manager for the San Angelo Operations.

Rass and Tats have one son, Ken, a 14-year AF computer systems security specialist who recently reassigned with his wife and two sons from Hickam AFB, HI to Naples, Italy.

[0020 11/01/2007]
Danny Russell
Misawa, 1967-1969
Danny was born in the West Central Illinois town of Galesburg in 1947.
Danny in Basic, 1966
Danny in Basic, 1966
He insists he graduated from Alwood HS in 1965 in the upper 95% of his class. After giving junior college a brief try, he enlisted in the Air Force and, after completing basic at Lackland, found himself at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS for training.

After serving a tour in Misawa, 1967-1969, Danny volunteered for Vietnam and says he doesn't regret it.

Danny in Biloxi, 1967
Danny in Biloxi, 1967
He shipped back to Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX, where he learned of the February 1969 shootdown of one of our recon planes. Then, on to Fairchild, WA for survival school - an experience that taught him he never wanted to become a POW.

Once in Vietnam, Danny flew 10 missions before going to Cam Rhan Bay for hernia surgery. He returned to Pleiku for ground duty while he recovered, but eventually returned to flight status.

Danny speaking
Danny speaking
On 22 April, 1970, he was a backender aboard CAP-53 that was shot down, resulting in casualties. Although injured, Danny was picked up by a rescue helicopter. As the chopper was lifting off, ground fire shot off the rotor, and he crashed a second time within the same hour. Danny's assessment: "It wasn't a good day."

After recoving from his injuries, he returned to Pleiku and flew the same mission as soon as he could get in the air.

CAP-53 Crash
CAP-53 Crash
As he put it, "So I wouldn't have to go home with that monkey on my back."

Thirty years following the shootdown, he was contacted by someone who had been involved in his rescue and gave him a copy of this picture of the crash he had never seen.

Danny has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Purple Heart, and Air Medal.

Distinguished Flying Cross Purple Heart Air Medal
Danny in Vietnam
Danny in Vietnam

In 2005, Danny was afforded a unique opportunity to return to Vietnam with other veterans on a VFW-sponsored trip. It was a chance for him to revisit his past, meet some of the people who fought on both sides, and promote healing.

Danny resides today in Colorado Springs, CO, where he works for Metlife. Although divorced, he has two wonderful kids.

[0016 01/16/2006]
Tom Ryan
Misawa, October 1963 - October 1965

Dropped out of Saint John's University and enlisted 1 February 1963. Basic training in Lackland, X1 training in Keesler and off
Tom Ryan, Misawa 1965
Tom in Misawa, 1965
to Misawa.

I was assigned to Trick 4 Super 4 and my NCOIC was Ssgt Carroll D. Stevens. My roomate was Wally Walker and other guys in Super 4 were Vern Johnson, Ray Knuth, Davey Homrig, Robert Snead, James Childress, and Smitty Smith. Our 202's were Joe Koester, Ron Schuster, Don Lehman, and Willy "Lump" Gadsen. Had a great time in Misawa, both in the Alley and on the road.

Went back to Goodfellow for NCO school, then off to Shemya for a year. Any thoughts of an Air Force career disappeared during that year in the Aleutians. Good guys stuck in a bad place.

Discharged the day after Thanksgiving 1966. Went home to Mom, Dad and brothers, finished school and went to work for IBM in the sales department in New York City.

The Ryan Family
The Ryan Family
Recent photo of Tom
Recent photo of Tom

Met Brigid Daly and we were married 14 December 1968. We have three children and currently live in Bronxville, New York, a suburb of New York City.

I spent my entire business career in Information Technology and Services and retired 31 December 2005.

[0022 12/19/2010]
Ben Whitten
Misawa, 6989th RSM
November 1958 - October 1961
292 on Trick 3

Raised in Grenada, MS and Denton, TX graduating Denton High School in 1957.
Ben 1958
Basic Ben 1958
Attended North Texas State University before joining the Air Force in February 1958.

Served in Misawa as a 292 with the 6989th RSM from November 1958 through October 1961, mostly on Trick Three. Chased dits, bowled (won a base championship), played softball (not well), and ran the machi.

1961 Misawa badge photo
1961 Misawa
badge photo

Served on Shemya Island in the Aleutians, Alaska with the 6984th RSM from November 1961 through November 1962. Led a shift, bowled (won a base doubles championship), bartended and managed the Officer's Club.

Honorably discharged on 30 November 1962.

Ben 2002
Ben 2002
Attended University of Arkansas and Memphis State University. Spent 12 years as a banker before founding and operating several businesses in Memphis, TN.

Mostly retired now, living in Germantown, TN spending much of the summer in Montana. Married to Roberta Fullerton Whitten since November 1963. One daughter, Susan, and grandsons, Anthony and Nathan. I play golf (poorly), walk (a lot), read (incessantly), surf the Web (mostly our site on MyFamily), and travel.

[0008 11/4/2002]

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