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The links below connect to several webcams operating on the Internet. To activate, simply click on the preferred webcam and be patient. The link will activate in a new window. Internet webcams sometimes fail to respond, but will usually function properly later.

Note - To function properly, several of the webcams below require your browser to support Java. Java is a free download. To download Java and install it on your computer, click on Java Downloads for All Operating Systems.

Remember, these cameras are in Japan, probably half way around the globe from where you are. If it's daylight outside your window, it's likely nighttime over there. Check the clock to the right to see the time difference.

Cape Oma / Northernmost Honshu
Aomori / Hirosaki University
From ASPAM to Mutsu Bay / Interesting views
Hirosaki / Ote Gate, Hirosaki Park
Fujisaki / Hira River, Mt. Iwaki, migrating swans
Misawa / Misawa Airport Terminal
Misawa / Lake Ogawara Lakeshore        
Hachinohe / Shio District Intersection
Towada City / Kanchogai-dori
Lake Towada / Towada Lakeside
Morioka / Viewing volcano Mount Iwate
Hashikami / Watch the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean
Fukaura / Watch the sun set over the Sea of Japan

Wakkanai / Overlooking the city and bay
Rebun Island /
  Sea of Japan, west of Wakkanai
Nemuro / Overlooking the city
Asahikawa / Overlooking the city
Sapporo / Atop building overlooking the city
Sapporo / Sapporo Snow Festival
Sapporo / Ohdori Park
Sapporo / Kita-1 Nishi-8
Hakodate /
  From Mt. Hakodate overlooking the city

San Ramon Intersection /
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